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  1. Next step...full feature length movie!
  2. I'm hoping Escape from Tarkov is going to be as awesome as it looks, but I had a bunch of fun in Battlefield 1 Beta when time allowed. So probably that, and Mafia 3
  3. So I just moved into a new house. Spent 3 days doing so, but I'm about 95% Done, and soon will be taking a well deserved shower, and hitting the sack so to speak. Anyway, during the move, as I was setting things in their new places, I decided to keep my old TV which I was using as a computer monitor, an older 55" 1080p HDTV (bear in mind I was at least 8 feet away from the TV at any given time) and will now instead be using it as a strictly home theater, with surround sound, and Xbox360 system (eww console) Currently I'm using my DELL dumpster diver special 15" monitor which I had as a secondary monitor, in addition to the television. What I would like is some advice from the community in regards to a new TV or monitor which will go In my new place. I have a spare room dedicated to PC gaming, and all my gun projects. It is already nice having a computer/gun room, but I need something better as a monitor. So far I have looked into a few TV's and what I'd like to find is something along these lines. 1. $500 or less 2. 4K with a refresh of 120 3. Does NOT need to be big, I'm thinking no bigger than 40" as it will be wall mounted about 3 feet from me to the wall. 4. I prefer Samsung, but am open to suggestions. 5. Most importantly it must be so awesome as it's awesomeness alone will draw bitches to me like in the axe commercials.... For now let's not focus so much on #5, as that may make it go above and beyond my budget, but I can hope right? Anyway Suggestions???????
  4. Welcome back! I was watching a video of us from WAY back in the day when we were part of OP4. That is if you are the same midget, who is an actual midget? Seen a few midget (in name only) so I don't konw if you are the one I'm thinking of or not. Either way, welcome back !
  5. Dang near anything Firearms related, target shooting, building guns, cleaning guns, sleeping with guns....well maybe not that last one I teach people how to shoot, anything from basic target practice, to clearing your house, or work space, different defense scenarios like that, and have even gone as far as taking a breaching class. How expensive is your hobby? Can get VERY expencive. For my personal collection I save up, or buy one or two pieces at a time. How much do you love your hobby on a scale of 1 - 10? ∞ How often do you sit down and do your hobby? Every chance I get. Even if that means cleaning a gun I cleaned yesterday. But when I sit down to clean a gun, I disassemble it as much as possible, then put it back together like a fun Adult puzzle
  6. I've become addicted to this game lol. I've literally had dreams about it.
  7. Thanks for the review. I had been tempted, and admittedly fell into the hype this game originally put off when it was first announced. Of course the "DEMO" footage turned out to be nothing like what the game is now, and upon seeing that I will admit I felt that I had been lied too. But I wanted to wait a while, and see what more came up with the game. I tried the Beta, and I must say I did not like it. But still I gave it another chance, and played the retail version, at a friends house, and still for me it is going to be a no go. I don't like the way the game play flows. Also, there is just something about 3rd person shooters, that I just don't like as much as I used too. For that matter I really don't care for many of the modern FPS games that come out either. Most of them seem, as you mentioned earlier recycled. Same old crap, not much new. For me it really started with Call of Duty 3 when I started noticing a decline in the entertainment factor for me. I began noticing patterns, and similarities sort of like watching just about any movie or TV show. I can almost predict, (and often do) what is going to happen, who the bad guy is going to be, and if there is a twist, what it is well before it is reviled. I can still play games Like Arma3 because you never know what you are going to get. Bored of it? Try one of the many mods, game modes, servers etc. There are still a few shooter games that interest me, but it's an ever decreasing list. Back to the point tho, I would have to say that The Division is among those which just don't quite do it for me. Had it been like it was originally debuted as, I may have had a different opinion. Anyway again, thank you for your review!
  8. @@mjm822 @@Valshe Sorry if I re-posted something you had already posted. I did look to see if anything came up in a search for Tarkov, and couldn't find anything. Then again I was using my phone at the time.
  9. @InfernalRage No I cant say I ever did get to play that. I missed out on a lot of PC games between the years of 2005- late 2014. This one has me excited tho. Soon I should have access to the Alpha. Supposedly the first quarter of this year is when the Alpha then Beta become available depending on your purchase, then full release in the second quarter of this year. But I am defiantly looking forward to this. I just hope the hype isn't like the last few games I got excited about, then really ended up not liking. Somewhat like The Division, personally I don't like it, but was excited upon first hearing about it's release.
  10. Okay, this game is one that I prepaid for in under 5 minuets of looking into it. Although the release date is not yet set, I look forward to this game. Anyway I'll leave this here for people to check out. This one has me excited! The more realistic, the better, and this seems close! http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/
  11. I work on the reservation, so I drive a POS 1990 Honda Accord to work. My truck, and motorcycle stay home where they're safe lol
  12. Remind me not to click on any videos from you again.....lol jk Muted just in time after looking at a few comments.
  13. MajorPain762


    Hello TheGhost267 Great to meet you! Looking forward to seeing you out there in Altis!

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