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  1. Halo ODST tribute

    Next step...full feature length movie!
  2. What upcoming game are you looking forward to?

    I'm hoping Escape from Tarkov is going to be as awesome as it looks, but I had a bunch of fun in Battlefield 1 Beta when time allowed. So probably that, and Mafia 3
  3. temp banned Trumpwillwinbutidc

    3 Day ban. Came into channel, was asked if they needed anything, started making noises, using voice changer. Trolling
  4. temp banned Patriot

    3 Day ban. Came into channel, was asked if they needed anything, started making noises, using voice changer. Trolling
  5. temp banned Gay Boy

    Channel hopping voice changer, was asked to stop, kept it up. 3 day temp ban
  6. temp banned Alphonso

    Disrespect towards admins (refereed to as fags) 1 day ban
  7. temp banned Spade

    Spamming noise came in with another troll 1 day ban
  8. temp banned Travis

    Channel hopping, disrespect towards admins
  9. temp banned Lue

    One day Temp ban being in cop channel refusing to talk to admins.
  10. temp banned Rufus

    7 Day blasting music or other noises
  11. temp banned ...

    7 Day ban blasting music or other noises
  12. perma banned Semmouni

    Perma Banned until disputed, for blasting music, trolling.
  13. perma banned ne ger banqqet 2

  14. So I just moved into a new house. Spent 3 days doing so, but I'm about 95% Done, and soon will be taking a well deserved shower, and hitting the sack so to speak. Anyway, during the move, as I was setting things in their new places, I decided to keep my old TV which I was using as a computer monitor, an older 55" 1080p HDTV (bear in mind I was at least 8 feet away from the TV at any given time) and will now instead be using it as a strictly home theater, with surround sound, and Xbox360 system (eww console) Currently I'm using my DELL dumpster diver special 15" monitor which I had as a secondary monitor, in addition to the television. What I would like is some advice from the community in regards to a new TV or monitor which will go In my new place. I have a spare room dedicated to PC gaming, and all my gun projects. It is already nice having a computer/gun room, but I need something better as a monitor. So far I have looked into a few TV's and what I'd like to find is something along these lines. 1. $500 or less 2. 4K with a refresh of 120 3. Does NOT need to be big, I'm thinking no bigger than 40" as it will be wall mounted about 3 feet from me to the wall. 4. I prefer Samsung, but am open to suggestions. 5. Most importantly it must be so awesome as it's awesomeness alone will draw bitches to me like in the axe commercials.... For now let's not focus so much on #5, as that may make it go above and beyond my budget, but I can hope right? Anyway Suggestions???????
  15. completed Cscam's Unban Dispule