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  1. CDT D. Brandon

    @donbrandoniii3I'll talk to you on TS when I see you. I do believe that the arrest should have had more RP in it, reading charges, etc..but being its @OrganizedPotato, I can full understand the need to send him away since he is constantly yapping in comms. @OrganizedPotato, What can I say? I've never seen someone play Altis Life like this. You're always yelling, overtalking someone and belligerently barking your "point" across. You're about as pleasant as a migraine. Is there any surprise he sent you away so quickly? You seem to be making everyone's in game experience a total headache every time you are caught. The goal of any video game is to have fun. You completely lose me when you act like this.
  2. completed Donald Brandon

    @Scratch, please answer @Deathview_games's questions when you can. But I do have a question- my question is this- you broke rules and got arrested. You're at the mercy of these cops and you can do 1 of 2 things: 1.) Act accordingly, respectful and try to RP your way out of a situation so you don't go to jail. OR 2.) Total shitfest in comms- everyone talking over one another, making stupid comments, acting like goofballs and then you post a report because things didn't go your way. #2 astounds me. I'm not even sure what this report is suppose to be. Who is talking? Whose voice is whose? Should I call the guys over at CSI so we can go frame by frame to figure out what's going on in this report? Or accept the fact that if you act dumb in handcuffs in real life, things probably won't end well for you?
  3. Altis Life Admins

    Oh good, so you're sharing with the entire forum info that you don't know. Oh, awesome! Thanks so much bud! All joking aside, admins work very hard on this server. So shut your pie hole, kid.
  4. Rdm by Murph

    @Gamma400 So the cops are in a shootout and searching for the people in the water, 2 BFC members in full rebel and an Ifrit get out within 10ft of you (and then beneath you) and you think its a wise move to stand on top of a hill next to 2 fully armed gunmen? Let's stroll back to real life. If you were in Los Angeles and 2 dudes with AR's come out of a van and start aiming rifles at police on rocks below you, you'd think its a good idea to be 10ft above them? Really? Common sense would mean you would get out of harms way. You certainly wouldn't stand next to 2 armed gunmen unless you yourself were up to something. I think this report is a total joke. It just doesn't make sense what you are doing. It defies logic. Also, your comms channel is beyond terrible. That's my 2 cents. @Draxt?
  5. Longer Up-Times

    Isn't restart @ 5 hours right now? What do you want, 2 weeks?
  6. completed unbann appeal -Matt

  7. Altis Life Admins

    Heym Mr Gender Unknown. Are you currently playing Altis Life?
  8. *[BKB]* Forming a new image

    I've played rebel most of my AL and its a fun role. I had a gang 18 people strong and we dominated a server. But being a gang that people love versus a gang that people hate is a delicately fine line. If you look into a basic storyline of AL, the rebels are for the people, but against the police, so it doesn't make sense to tax the civilians too hard. That's what a lot of gangs don't understand- they usually go out and tax and kill everyone and then become so toxic, the pop hates them as they've done nothing but create misery for everyone. And having the server's biggest gang means you have to be persistent in your own gang management- people's actions determine their place in the gang. That's the hard part as a lot of those members are your friends, but if someone is toxic, hot tempered and a troll, they need to go, otherwise they are Tijuana shitting on your name, so hats off to you for realizing this and taking action. There are an infinite # of RP situations you can do as a gang. I, personally, had the most fun RP'ing in a very hot and hostile situation and getting out without shooting once- to me, that's always been the most fun. I know everyone is trigger happy in this game, but after a few years of AL play, that might get old, so its something new. I also remember us recruiting civis to do certain tasks and if they were completed, they got a reward- if they didn't, they got taxed. That was so much fun. Damn, you're making me want to play rebel again. Declaring gang wars is also fun. FInd a gang that wants to participate and go to war. I've never been a fan of chopping vehicles- sometimes people need $ and to interrupt them while doing so just makes people salty. I wasn't in it for the big dick feeling- I was in it for the fun, the intense situations. Nothing better than battling it out and then getting a "GG at that shot!" in text from an enemy who you downed. Nothing better than bringing them into your channel to rehash the fun, laughing, "oh, you got us good!" or stuff like that. That to me, is how you make a server fun. In the biggest pop server I played on, we had 8 gangs- all active. Of course, you had some that took things too far, but the ones that understood how to have fun and to make it enjoyable for all were the ones you wanted to play with- send a text to them about "lets do a Ghost Hotel attack- you land in 10 minutes and we'll come in at 8:30 and battle it out" and we had a shitton of fun, then would laugh about it in TS. That was probably the most fun I had on a server as a gang leader. But that kind of fun takes a few managers in the gang to oversee it. Its very easy to stray off the path. Anyways, hats off to you and everyone realizing this in BKB. I hope it works out for the better.
  9. BKB After Hours #2

    My face when I saw the "1" next to "users online:
  10. Negative team rider! That's not how it happened at all. I pulled you over for doing donuts. Your voice is loud & sends shivers down my spine, so I told you to leave, giving you a warning. You then proceed to flip around, crash into my car and when I jumped out of my car, you jumped in, so after a few 7.62's to the forehead, you weren't alive anymore. You broke NLR by coming back to the scene immediately after respawn. You know the rules, so I restrained you and told you to think about what you did and put you in that house. I later released you, but after my car was repaired and the pubey was brought back to life. 1.) Your car is in the water. It didn't explode. It will be back when server resets. 2.) Quit being a goofball troll. Insta-jumping into vehicles is garbage Altis Life play.
  11. *[BKB]* wipes out the RPD

    With Keith's stoic expression and the German Schieza music, brings me back to college days when I was desperate for money.....wait. What? None of this had my excellent Ghosthawk flying in it. I'm no longer interested.
  12. completed Officer Blue Combat log

    @OrganizedPotato, after everything is said and done, its a video game. How upset you get over the whole thing is silly and the amount of back and forth just pains my ears. People combat log to save gear. They don't combat log to avoid RP. Take a deep breath. Learn to relax a little more. If you talked to RPD in a calm, logical tone, this whole thing probably could have been avoided. But for some reason, it was a huge escalation. I'm not even sure why Bluey has his side recorded, but good Lord, do we want to have to record every minor altercation? Do we really need to record loss of connections to make sure a salty player doesn't think its combat logging? That's a lot of pointless work over nothing. I sure as shit don't want to record every minor ridiculous thing I do in Altis Life. Next time, talk it out in teamspeak. Its such a better option than this report.
  13. Public officer blacklist

    The reason you gave for "why should you be unbanned" was not why you were blacklisted: you were blacklisted for running around HQ as a pubey shooting fellow RPD. For some reason, you thought that was sensible game play and have since been blacklisted playing as RPD.
  14. Beef up cartels

    Its not a one-sided complaint. I'm just looking for an answer how making it KOS will help the server. So far.....*crickets*
  15. Beef up cartels

    I think a big gang would camp their cartels and if its KOS, they'd blast anyone stepping foot into the red zone. Why wouldn't they? And what small gang would go after BKB when they are 7 people on the server? I wouldn't.