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  1. somebody was on their period :P

  2. I like Altis. 10million dollar start. Ghetto. Army as police force. Player levels- weapon and vehicle unlocks. You play. You laugh. You have the time of your life. You don't like Altis. You fuck off. You go do something else. You lock this thread? You're as cancerous as Anti-fa. Don't know who Anti-fa is? Quit playing video games in your parents basement. FACT.
  3. We're listening to that douchey socialist?
  4. * Each player starts with 10million. * No rules, no reason to ban except for hacking. No RDM, No VDM- just like life in the ghetto, squeekers. * Server is called Reckless Brazil Ghetto. * Special missions unlock specialized weaponry & vehicles (to have an objective in the game) Special note: * If you don't like Altis, stay the F out of the forum & kindly F off. * If you say its like Wasteland, I get to UPS you my diarrhea. What a fuckin great idea.
  5. Ha. Thanks @Arda Yavuz. This wasn't expecting this when I creeped on to this forum just now, but your comments are appreciated. I do miss my car chases and robbing people in Kavala. No game has ever made me laugh so hard.
  6. My face when I saw the "1" next to "users online:
  7. This absolutely fuckin destroyed me. Well done.
  8. You can buy a lot of purple shirts with a million.
  9. Happy bday, you sexy bitch. My bday present to you- try to watch this video in its entirety.
  10. if we ever play that game together, Im teaming up with you. F going against you, psycho!
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but why does it always seem the people who feel the need to bitch are always the salty ones who left the server because "RPD leadership" was lacking. In my mind, I translate that as "another player who wanted rank, didn't get it, and now left the server." And who the hell visits a forum of the server they left? That's so freakin weird to me. I think there's more quality RP and quality players on now than there was 6 - 8 months ago. You're always going to get RDM'ed by the random shitheel, that's a given, but I've definitely run across more good RP in the last 4 months. I didn't analyze the screenshot @Ronduthposted, but it definitely feels like more quality players now than it did before, and if the pop is less, I'd rather have better players on than a full server full of RDM'ing libtards. But whatever. The server is what you make it. Altis Life is that strange kind of game that has big rifles and rules, so its never going to be perfect. But you can control what you do. I always laugh when I read people expecting things to be perfect. I rarely have issues on this server because when I go criminal, I go FULL criminal and don't expect to live long. I know my plates can be read while driving, so if I'm in a car, its game on. I don't expect to RP out of 9 manslaughters. I don't think a lot of people choose their battles wisely. They expect some miraculous change of events with their RP as they get caught, or get butthurt because they got tazed jumping out of a vehicle as a highly wanted felon. Do the crime, do the crime. Suck it up, snowflakes.

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