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  1. more info

    Did you try restarting your computer? Unplug your printer.
  2. Does it give my final destination of the delivery to the RPD?
  3. Which I'm fine with. If you catch me on the road, hey, I'm more than fair game. But solely camping a location is pure garbage.
  4. Happy bday, you sexy bitch. My bday present to you- try to watch this video in its entirety.
  5. Illegal truck mission info should be limited. "BangbusDriver has started an illegal truck mission from Crystal Lake." The illegal truck mission should not give info like ""BangbusDriver has started an illegal truck mission from Crystal Lake and will end in Sugar Grove." Some really bored RPD cops were camping the final destination. I consider that the shit of shit RP. Happened several times. Did I mention I consider that the shit of anal herpes kind of RP? That is my opinion on this matter.
  6. Well, to me that's an incomplete video. Its extremely easy to mute out the sound and replace it with your own. I've seen it done on other servers where I was an admin. You also have unaccounted sound at 1:12.) You also incriminated yourself because you didn't RP once and shot at the pubey (and you aren't tagged with Lt. Tony Kay, so you have to initiate separately) and aside from saying "shit shit shit", you barely talked. I was tracking the whole situation from about 10ft away. I watched the whole thing go down and I knew your voice, but like I said, instead of an accusation game, watch your game play. Listen to what @Matthewhas said and learn from it.
  7. This ban dispute is up to @Matthew to decide, so I am in no way impeding on his decision, but I have a question for you @GalacticImpact. When we were about 100ft from K square last night and you were trying to get a pubey out of his truck and then felt the need to call him an N-bomb several times, what goes through your head while doing so? I shot you for saying it, but had another troll to deal with. Are you trying to get perm banned in less than a month? You're headed right for that if you continue playing this way. I usually give an automatic 7 day ban for N bombs. Consider yourself very lucky to have slipped through the cracks as I had a bigger bonehead to deal with. In no way is a N bomb acceptable on this server, not as a joke, not as a prank, and not as in RP. I would remove it immediately from your vocabulary if you want a good standing / future on this server. My say is done, back to you @Matthew.
  8. I've always wondered that too. Is there a downside to making the economy exactly what the US is? If I duped Chris Kyle's famous rifle setup, it would be about $5000 to $6000. Even the best of the best never used a $75,000 rifle, lol. Are there downsides to making it an economy we can calculate in our brains?
  9. Im good with Photoshop. Send me your requests, snowflake.
  10. Pretty clear as day. Noted added. Thanks for the report.
  11. Just to jar your memory @Deathview_games, FC changed his name to Bangbus, walked up to 1 or bunch of people in square, said "what's up motherfuckers" and rdmed them. You and @Ronduth then posted to someone reporting FC for RDM. Happened on 5-8-17. PS- You're right @Facestabberr about it being a stupid joke.
  12. Doesn't get much more clearer than this. Thanks for the report, David Chlo. Note added to player report.
  13. Why would Steve combat log if he's alive if he just fended off 2 bad shooters like a Clint Eastwood movie? Not sure what your report is suppose to prove, but I don't see a violation, so I'm closing this report. @tyson, please- in the future, post reports that are true violations. This seemed more of a salty report because you did't like dying. It saves everyone a lot of time if you have clear cut violation reports.
  14. I'll handle this since I was near K and arrived right after he combat logged. Thanks for the report.
  15. if we ever play that game together, Im teaming up with you. F going against you, psycho!

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