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  1. somebody was on their period :P

  2. FACT

    I like Altis. 10million dollar start. Ghetto. Army as police force. Player levels- weapon and vehicle unlocks. You play. You laugh. You have the time of your life. You don't like Altis. You fuck off. You go do something else. You lock this thread? You're as cancerous as Anti-fa. Don't know who Anti-fa is? Quit playing video games in your parents basement. FACT.
  3. New Altis - new idea

    We're listening to that douchey socialist?
  4. New Altis - new idea

    Hey, fuck you, Debbie Downer!
  5. New Altis - new idea

    * Each player starts with 10million. * No rules, no reason to ban except for hacking. No RDM, No VDM- just like life in the ghetto, squeekers. * Server is called Reckless Brazil Ghetto. * Special missions unlock specialized weaponry & vehicles (to have an objective in the game) Special note: * If you don't like Altis, stay the F out of the forum & kindly F off. * If you say its like Wasteland, I get to UPS you my diarrhea. What a fuckin great idea.
  6. BangbusDriver Appreciation Thread

    Ha. Thanks @Arda Yavuz. This wasn't expecting this when I creeped on to this forum just now, but your comments are appreciated. I do miss my car chases and robbing people in Kavala. No game has ever made me laugh so hard.
  7. completed unbann appeal -Matt

  8. BKB After Hours #2

    My face when I saw the "1" next to "users online:
  9. Negative team rider! That's not how it happened at all. I pulled you over for doing donuts. Your voice is loud & sends shivers down my spine, so I told you to leave, giving you a warning. You then proceed to flip around, crash into my car and when I jumped out of my car, you jumped in, so after a few 7.62's to the forehead, you weren't alive anymore. You broke NLR by coming back to the scene immediately after respawn. You know the rules, so I restrained you and told you to think about what you did and put you in that house. I later released you, but after my car was repaired and the pubey was brought back to life. 1.) Your car is in the water. It didn't explode. It will be back when server resets. 2.) Quit being a goofball troll. Insta-jumping into vehicles is garbage Altis Life play.
  10. Public officer blacklist

    The reason you gave for "why should you be unbanned" was not why you were blacklisted: you were blacklisted for running around HQ as a pubey shooting fellow RPD. For some reason, you thought that was sensible game play and have since been blacklisted playing as RPD.
  11. Kong Pong Won Ban Dispute

    @HouseProject1 I'm not going to waste a lot of my time writing my response to this report. I ran around yesterday as a civie to watch [FS] absolute AIDS play style- worst I've ever seen in my life and I have 4400 hours on Arma. You guys ran up to pubies yelling garbage, swarmed cops, stood in the middle of the road screaming, Most Honorable RMD'ed me, you harassed new players without RP and did the whole pointless "hands up, officer" in big group #'s. The list goes on and on. Its was painful even to be near you guys. You clowns made [MC] look like saints. When things didn't go your way, you broke RP and screamed "I'm gonna get you banned! I'm recording!" and then you instantly went back to your toxic style of gameplay. I've been on many servers and your gang is probably the worst gang I've seen yet. You're unbanned, but I suggest you clean up your act. Your next infraction is a strike 3. How you've managed to rack up so many infractions since 6-30-17 is beyond me, but based on what I saw, I'm not surprised in the least. You're 2 infractions away from a 6 month ban on the server. Take this as severe as a warning as you possibly can.
  12. clear up about my twitch channnle

    This absolutely fuckin destroyed me. Well done.
  13. Quality Gang.

    You can buy a lot of purple shirts with a million.