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  1. Y'all keep talking about server pop when sorry but it was worse before they switched to malden, ya 30-40 people but the map size is way different, so server pop is defiantly better mid to end of day. Altis was to big. sorry that the map isnt big enough to do all your drugs and killing. I mean its a roleplay server after all. It comes down to the police department to make good interactions on civs so they enjoy there time and come back to play more. Which will help weed out some of the trolls because when you act up your just giving them what they want. Again guys it a roleplay server, were all here to have fun so lets just enjoy our-self's and enjoy the new map, its good to have change in life gentleman. Have a wonderful day "Toney Walley"
  2. Love the king county profile pic :) thats my county.

    1. Tristan


      aye, county buddys!

  3. Hello everyone, I have played on the server time to time but recently putting in 5 hours+ each day. I also recently was accepted into the lovely EMS Department we have on Altis. Were I will be spending my time everyday saving life's. I plan on strictly playing as a medic as I want to make a difference in the community and move through the ranking ladder. Im also a donator of RGN as I feel like I have found my home. Im 19 years old who lives in a small town. Thank you everybody who has made this community possible. Always remember to be humble and kind and hope to see yall on the server! :0 have a wonderful Night/Day Thank you for your time
  4. Had fun having you on today! role-played several different times with you and it was awesome everytime, hope to see you on again
  5. anytime my friend anytime... Well deserved
  6. The support yall receive is much deserved, I haven't been on arma3 in awhile and I can say I haven't had as much fun as I did yesterday playing as RPD, awesome server and thanks for the oppurtunity to let me play on it! ?
  7. all of these are so cool! awesome job on the creators.:) +1

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