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  1. Introduction

    New phone who dis?
  2. Introduction

    Hello Everyone, I joined the forums over a year ago back when the Invade and Annex server was semi active. I have been away from the community since the I&A server went down but am finally deciding to join the community. I an so excited to be apart of SFG and can't wait to start meeting everyone. I look forward to being heavily involved in the community. Also if anyone reading ever wants some people to play w on other games let me know. I have a lot of games from War Thunder, Squad, Arma, to strategy games and other random games like Golf w Friends. Looking forward to good times ahead!
  3. Where is everyone?

    How I check server pop is using Arma 3 launcher. Also I will try times closer to 8-9 PM eastern. Dumb thing is right when I decide to post this my family decides we need to go camping this weekend even though I have college classes that gave me a **** ton of homework this weekend. Also my father is a real strict parent and even though I'm a senior in HS demands I not stay up past 9 my time. Thanks for the feedback btw. I will look into the server more around the correct time. Hopefully when I get back people will be on.
  4. Where is everyone?

    I understand school starting back up and people have vacations and jobs and other things but man I haven't seen anyone on the server in a few weeks. I loved this server my first night and has never gotten as good as it was that night but has still been fun. This is also the best and most fun I & A server. So it's kinda sad to see it empty. I know some regulars on the server have butted heads and now neither are on anymore which isn't good for the server or the community. Would just like some answers or at least maybe a reason for the severe lack of players.
  5. Dreitz21