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  1. Your Character Name:[OSS]Zeke, would like it to be Officer McLovin Your Age:17 Your Steam UID:76561198047222571 Your Timezone:EST Have you previously been white-listed for the RPD? Give details. -------------------------- No -------------------------- Have you previously applied for the RPD? Give details. -------------------------- Yes before Rgn went down and i was accepted just no time to make it through ride alongs -------------------------- Have you received a note, kick, or ban within the last 30 days? -------------------------- No --------------------------
  2. for sale

    still selling?
  3. Keep them coming!!!!
  4. Zeke

  5. winner!

  6. completed

    @@Frayze Just take a look at the rules so a situation won't happen like this again.
  7. completed

    @@Texas ts?
  8. completed

    We gave you multiple opportunities to live we asked you to put your gear in the heil several times so you dying was because you didn't not cooperate. @@David_Chlo
  9. completed

    Show the whole video
  10. completed

    @@MiAtCh @@jamesshuler
  11. completed

    I asked him to step out of the vehicle multiply times after wrecking him, he didn't comply.
  12. completed

    Ill comp him
  13. completed

    If I dont will i get banned?
  14. completed

    Any admin has talked to me and I understand what I did was wrong.

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