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  1. for sale Vape Stuff

    still selling?
  2. Yet another Rust Video!

    Keep them coming!!!!
  3. Zeke

  4. winner! MORE BATTLEFIELD 4???

  5. completed RDM - [NG] Frankie

    @@Frayze https://recklessnetwork.com/topic/894-altis-life-server-rules-updated-05-16-2016/ Just take a look at the rules so a situation won't happen like this again.
  6. completed RDM - [NG] Frankie

    @@Texas ts?
  7. completed OSS body camping

    We gave you multiple opportunities to live we asked you to put your gear in the heil several times so you dying was because you didn't not cooperate. @@David_Chlo
  8. completed OSS body camping

    Show the whole video
  9. completed OSS body camping

    @@MiAtCh @@jamesshuler
  10. completed [OSS] Zeke RDM

    I asked him to step out of the vehicle multiply times after wrecking him, he didn't comply.
  11. completed rdm zeke

    Ill comp him
  12. completed rdm zeke

    If I dont will i get banned?
  13. completed rdm zeke

    Any admin has talked to me and I understand what I did was wrong.
  14. completed [OSS]KrypticKane Ban Dispute

    I am a witness to this so is John Hisoire and KandieKane