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  1. World of Warcraft what realm?

    if i knew how to play, and didn't have to pay monthly.
  2. I have recently (like 4-5 months ago) completed a nice, simple dark theme that I used multiple packs and some customization of my own for teamspeak 3. If anyone is interested let me know and i will upload it for you guys to download. screenshot below. EDIT: i'll make a tutorial and upload the files tommorow. till then, i sleep. edit 2: im having a hard time figuring out why my customization in the qss files that make the chat the colors they are aren't transfering. will update and comment when fixed
  3. Computer Upgrading for Arma 3

    Black & Decker Rapid Toast TR3510SD got custom heat coils, added the thicker hotwire mod, with SLI toast slots.
  4. Computer Upgrading for Arma 3

    I mean I can play any game lowest settings 1-2 FPS? I don't see the point in upgrading honestly.
  5. GTAV RP?

    GTAV RP is fun and all, played it for about a week. haven't really looked into the scripting/development side of it thought. All I know (as of right now) is R* is trying to DMCA all of the GTA RP server infrastructure and all that and get it taken down for who knows what reason.
  6. Gang Co-Leaders

    Very possible, Paronity had something like this back on GSN if I remember correctly, shouldn't be too hard.
  7. Bacon - [OP4 Sergeant] J. Martin

    Just posting to see if there is any update on this?
  8. What Server were you banned from: Altis Life Who banned you: noms Why were you banned: "not welccome here" When were you banned: December 26th or 27th What is your in game name: [OP4 Sergeant] J. Martin User/Player ID: 76561198079550126 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: I didn't even do anything to get banned in the first place, and even though I wont even play much I would still like to get on occasionally to kill time. I also feel like this ban was made off of personal emotion, and grudge rather than rule breaking, as no evidence nor real reason was presented for my ban at the time.
  9. Cthulu unban TS

    [b]What Server were you banned from:[/b] TS [b]Who banned you:[/b] unknown, offline ban. [b]Why were you banned:[/b] "Ban evading?" [b]When were you banned:[/b] last night after I got off i guess. [b]What is your in game name:[/b] Cthulu. [b]User/Player ID:[/b] reply if TS UID is needed. [b]Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned:[/b] I didn't do anything.
  10. RP fun BRUH WHAT
  11. DCS Squadron?

    Modules: Black Shark 2(Ka-50), UH-1H Huey, MiG-15Bis, FC3, and i'm gonna buy the A-10C probably this weekend or this week some time. Gear: Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X, Track IR 5.
  12. how old were you when you were 12?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ronny


      fuck 12

    3. Matthew


      U guys r dumb. You would be 12. Duh

    4. Steve


      Please tell me I wasn't the only one being sarcastic?

  13. Pokemon GO Account Shop!

    this is against the Niantec ToS, just an fyi.