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  1. happy birthday homes!

  2. Congrats all on the promotion and welcome you recruits
  3. I remember the phone version of this game was a lot more crude but this looks a fun as hell
  4. Medicinal


    Welcome to Reckless Network. Ill see you on altis life as soon as its up
  5. @SomeoneYouLike i shared my file with the rgn gmail already but let me know if i need to do it again
  6. Congratz to everyone and thank you for the promotion i really appreciate it
  7. Same here i dont own wow and never plan to
  8. Thats actually the board i was gonna get gor my next upgrade
  9. Thats the best cpu my mobo can handle so a bew one then a new cpu and maybe a new case
  10. 1. Rainbow Six Siege 2.Battlefield Bad Company 2 3. GTA5
  11. yea its a 4 year old base im just now starting to update it next will be the motherboard Ohh shit that was a typo its a i7-4790k
  12. Board- Asus B85M-G Ram- Corsair vengeance Pro 32Gb Video Card- EVGA Gtx 1070 Sound Card- N/A Chipset- Intel i7-5820K Storage- 1. Seagate 500Gb Sata 2. Samsung 1Tb SSD 3. Western Digital 500Gb Sata Power- Corsair Rm750 Cooling- Dont know the brand but 3 80mm blue LED fan and 1 120mm blue LED fan Monitor- 2 Acer Gn246Hl 24 inch 144Hz Keyboard- Roccat ISKU Mouse- Logitech G600 20 button DPI on the fly Headset- Logitech G930 Wireless Headset Housed in- Zalman ZM-Z9 U3 Black Steel
  13. im so happy to be apart of this community and congratz to everyone
  14. Forum Name:Medicinal Active on Discord: Yes/No:yes Team(s) Interested in joining:Social media,and would like to record for video team(i suck at editi ng)

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