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  1. GTA RP Server Feedback

    If you cannot roleplay without tools then you won't change with tools. A good roleplayer can roleplay with nothing but his skin, so show me that you can roleplay.
  2. GTA RP Server Feedback

    I will never put a trainer in the server and I don't think any GTA Leaders agree either. Have some creativity and don't have to use something to spawn all your roleplay stuff in, I hate the idea and standing my ground on it. There will eventually be a shop where you can get some of the non useable (as of right now) roleplay vehicles right now but thats it. In my opinion the reason why the server is low pop all the time now is because we don't have anyone that can actually roleplay on here, everything is locked on that Altis Life roleplay and are not converting to serious roleplay and are backing away from it. Most of the amazing roleplayers on the server I have seen are not involved in the community, and im not saying its your guys fault but after playing a low tier roleplay server for years im not surprised everyone is in such a big hole. Apparently you guys are not ready for it and need these unrealistic tools to spawn your roleplay stuff in, maybe in a whitelist server but public server it won't happen ever. You can keep telling me but im telling you, it won't happen.
  3. GTA RP Server Feedback

    It can be a goal for you but try to be creative when you actually roleplay and don't make the supercar be your everyday roleplay character, because thats half the server already.
  4. GTA RP Server Feedback

    I have heard this many times and this is what I have to say: In a roleplay server all you need is your materials to roleplay which is cheap unless you're like half the server that is like "I need super cars to roleplay as a rich man" No. Buy a vehicle and clothing you need and thats all you need to grind for, its not that expensive. The only things that are expensive are the ones that don't encourage roleplay, if we need to we could just remove all the non roleplay vehicles like most of the super cars and stuff just do they don't tempt you into having to grind 24/7.
  5. GTA RP Server Feedback

    A trainer for civs will never happen, I have seen server try it out and honestly its a good idea in thought but in reality its a disaster... People would abuse it and wouldn't be realistic for the true roleplayers.
  6. GTA RP Changelog V0.0.5

    Current Live Version: 0.0.5 Beta Release 10/14/17 V.0.0.5 Police Added Better Police NPC Models Added Police Radar (CTL-M ask police command on how to use it) Fixed Police Job Menu (F6 Menu) Replaced Police Charger Added New Prison Repositioned cuff/uncuff to the top of civilian interactions for faster cuffing (F6, Enter, Enter) Misc: Added ability to have multiple characters with /idhelp (Abusing this will result in administrative action) Added additional Job Centers (Sandy Shores, Paleto, Downtown LS) Fixed Lumberjack job Increased fuel prices More Taxi Vehicles Repositioned some menus to be out of the chat You can only force respawn after 4 minutes of being down When you force respawn you lose weapons,items, and money ____________________________________________________________________________ Please note: These changes are subject to change, as this is a beta release version of the game, changes may occur in the future. Thank you for your patience whilst we work on improving the player experience for everyone.
  7. Lumberjack Job missing Blips

    You went through all the locations on the right side (while on the map)? I know you do the job on the top left of the map but where you get clothing and the vehicle should be the top right of the city... Weird I will look into it
  8. Ban appeal

    Unbanned next restart which should be tonight
  9. under review Ban Appeal - Laurence - Franklin Biggums

    @Laurence RichmondYou should be unbanned as of last night
  10. Next time youre on, i need you to help me fix my kuruma issue

    1. Chow


      I can do that now. Sell your mustang and only have that money from that mustang sale on your person. Then let me know when you're ready

  11. ban appeal

    Thanks for putting in a ban dispute. The admin that banned you will reply here shortly. Please be patient. Until the admin responds, do NOT: Poke admins on Teamspeak to get unbanned. Private message admins on the forums to get unbanned. Post multiple ban disputes on the forums. Whine about your ban in the shoutbox. Failure to follow direction will either delay your dispute or will invalidate it. Continuing to not follow instructions will result in further administrative action. If you are not sure why you are banned, search the ban reports for your name. @Willy
  12. GTA RP Setting the Stage So I've had a lot of people tell me that GTA RP is boring and they have basically beat it in the first week... You are not even close. I am going to get into the active problems in GTA RP in our playerbase. People quit when they get all the supercars and get a house when actually... You're not helping roleplay AT ALL you're actually destroying it. You have to take an example from other players that are properly playing the server and have been around since day one because of it. The people that stick around are NOT grinding 24/7 for that fast super car, trying to get that really nice house to show their friends, nor are they getting in police chases every 5 minutes. These people are sticking around because in their mind they have a goal for their roleplay character and that goal will vary depending on your character. But then there are the people that say "well my end goal is to be a rich guy with all the cars" NO. THIS HAS TO STOP, BE CREATIVE! You are the people that make good roleplayers leave, because they try to roleplay with you and your "roleplay character" is exactly like the last 5 guys they talked to. Become a security guard, a hobo, a superstitious maniac, a hippie, be that goodie goodie kid that turned bad, or just simpily make events for players on the server like karaoke, costume contest, or organized races to produce interaction with others. The events you could do are ENDLESS, you just have to be creative. All I ask is for one simple thing. Try to actually roleplay is a lot more fun than being the other Joe on the block. How to roleplay? 1. Think of a character name 2. Create that character 3. Make a goal for that character 4. Reach that goal! Helpful Hint: There are NPC models in the barber shops (sex option), look through them and get an idea for a character. Grinding for money should only be needed to reach your characters goal. You have the tools. Use them.
  13. GTA RP Changelog V0.0.4

    Current Live Version: 0.0.4 Beta Release 10/5/17 V.0.0.4 (Police Update) Emergency Additions Added: EMS Firetruck (for fire department sub division) Added: EMS Suv (Known issue with light, will be fixed) Added: Park Ranger Vehicle (TEMP) Added: Police Undercover vehicles (TEMP) Added: Police Bike (Speed will be adjusted) Note: We are looking into the police interaction and will be next update most likely (soon) Bug Fixes Fixed unusable barber shop (east side of LS) Economy adjusted whitelist job paychecks ____________________________________________________________________________ Please note: These changes are subject to change, as this is a beta release version of the game, changes may occur in the future. Thank you for your patience whilst we work on improving the player experience for everyone.
  14. LSPDFR Computer and new radar

    Like Ronduth said you cannot use that computer unfortunately. But that radar I agree I don't like it but its a temp radar just to get by for now.
  15. Gta5 backpack

    Known issue. Contact me on discord or teamspeak to get it resolved