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  1. How?

    Server I play on as well as some other members is KGE.
  2. New gpu

    1070 runs any game at ultra settings no problem for me (except arma, no one can run that stable no matter what you throw at it)
  3. Monitor

    This is my main monitor that I use and love
  4. August | Recruitment and Promotions

    Congrats everyone! and Welcome new members!
  5. Well.. Atleast I tried

    Welp... Elliot my man. You Are Going Places. But at least you're not the only one with this struggle though... LINK
  6. Happy birthday Agony!

    Happy Birthday Agony you sneaky snake!
  7. Chapter 2 Map development Contest

    You had a great build too man. Loved the ghetto area you had but wanted something more civil. In my opinion its still a coin flip.
  8. Happy birthday GooNie!

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Chapter 2 Map development Contest

    Altis Market: Whats in it? 1x Depot 2x parking lots 4x aesthetic tent shops 5x real shops (Market,General, Clothing,Guns, Vehicle) Realistic Looking Good Lighting
  10. Exile Mod Recommendations

    Of anything between the urban rappeling and the advanced rappeling I would get rid of the urban rappeling (I never used it on a exile server I played on) and keep the advanced rappeling. Reason? I used the advanced rappeling a ton on an exile server mostly for base raiding and to drop your teammates down quick at a mission and flying the helicopter farther back to keep it safe.
  11. Exile Mod Recommendations

    Enhanced Movement Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling Extended_Base_Mod
  12. Post Bugs and Glitches Here

    Additional bug Vehicle despawned when ran out of gas. (I had my personal vehicle saved and everything and went to get gas with a different vehicle and it despawned when I came back to it, no personal vehicle icon on the map or anything)
  13. Help!

    download FiveM and follow the instructions Keep in mind its very alpha at the moment. More of a bug watching/fixing now.
  14. Post Bugs and Glitches Here

    POLICE Kuruma in police store? Some police vehicles not working? (Might just be me) Vehicles listed below Sheriffs office has a lot of non interactive circles (1 changes gender, 1 is a mission selector and the other 3 don't do anything) IMAGE1 IMAGE2 Vehicles: pol718 Police5 Police6 Police7 Sheriff3 Other Vehicle gas overlaps food and water Harvest water bottles and tacos outside of sheriff office? IMAGE
  15. GTA V |

    I have bought from CDKEYS and it worked... bought multiple games from there and got the game. and it would work all you need is a copy of gta. Really depends on how risky you feel today