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  1. We made our year end video, If anyone is interested in watching it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLcVhanq9a4
  2. They weren't as organized is what I should say... During the first episode it kinda explained the rebels had them back stepping and to just go "BAM! NO EXPLANATION REBELS DOWN TO 4 SHIPS". How did that thief manage to inform the empire and make a deal with them almost constantly with him, including bb8... Just too much to ask so little time
  3. I honestly think it was ok... Most cannon things Are no longer Cannon @John_Snow thanks to Disney... but this movie really pissed me off... Leia and Luke, prior to Disney, were possibly the 2 strongest force users in the SWU. And they fucking kill luke off after a minute long battle scene? what the fuck, I was really looking forward to luke being bad ass. And Rey is still more powerful than a trained dark side lord and guards? What the fuck? She barely got any training. I hope 9 explains everything better, but this movie just kinda jumped in... Didn't in the last movie they get more help from more people? What the fuck happened that the First order, Who just got annihilated and was legit on its last legs turn into the controlling power? Weren't they falling into barely any pieces at the end of the last movie... So many unanswered questions.
  4. Hey guys, I'm back with another review to share. As you may all know, I spent 4 years as a 9-1-1 dispatcher for the city of pittsburgh area. So this game i found interesting with some good youtube videos on it. The game is a strictly singleplayer game and fairly cheap on steam (14.99), I got it probably about a year ago now during a sale on steam. (Shocker) I usually play at-least and hour everytime I install a game to determine if I should get it refunded or not. And to my surprise I ended up spending 5 hours on it, from there, I played it in upwards of 20 hours offline (unrecorded by steam) as well as everyone at my Fire Station started playing it also. Now the interesting part about this game, is that you can search major cities and actually play them. So we have spent hours playing pittsburgh (they import the areas from google maps and it adjusts in, blah blah technical terms). Now not all cities are in it tho, But we really enjoyed the game and still put in unrecorded hours all the time on different save files. Different unit types have different capabilities, like police bikes, helicopters, ladder trucks etc... all have specialties of what they can do faster or carry. You can buy equipment for each unit to increase their efficiency and so on and so on. Probably the most interesting part is throughout your "tours" 9-1-1 calls will come in and you will question each caller, and determine the response if any. Very in immersive. The only downside, is the same "callers" (voice actors) call over and over; and you can get the same call back to back to back at times. If you are looking for a cheap and simple RTS game with a challenge, look no further than 911 Operator. It is 911 Operator Approved.
  5. I agree John, It is highly enjoyable but as I said, Prolly not worth the full price and if you play games mainly by yourself.
  6. Ill post my second one for the day since I missed a week... I'm ganna try to do one a week. So Squad, a game that has been out awhile and many youtubers have already cover. This game is yet another strictly Multiplayer and is technically also still in Beta. The game focuses on Communication and teamwork to accomplish many goals. The teams are focused around Russian, Ukranian Rebels, US Army, Taliban and they all face each other in different roles in Different game modes. You join a "Squad" and you or someone is the "Squad Leader". Simple enough right? Now the tricky part of this is, if you want better spawns you can't run off on your own. And if you want defenses, you gatta have supplies and your squad has to dig em up. From my experience, you really have a shit Squad and Team or a good squad and team, there is no in between right now. The game is "realistic" with bullet drop, hit boxes, and minimal lag in servers. The game does get annoying, especially playing as Taliban against the US army. You have to defend or take so many objectives, and good luck trying to build defenses with your Minivan resupplying your FOBs vs the US 4 Ton transport trucks and their Humvee with CROW .50 Cals that snipe you from 2 maps over. Now I understand the realistic accuracy but the video game value sucks. The Russians get a BTR with a 30mm Auto cannon, the US gets Strykers with .50 Cals that are supposed to kill them (not as quick or even close to easy). I understand the game is still in "Beta" and it is Highly addictive, but again... As I mentioned earlier, it gets rough by yourself if you have a squad that doesn't listen or know how to shoot people. For the price, I think it could be 10 dollars cheaper at the Moment, but the replay value is there and the possibility of better content is there. I recommend and will play with anyone that buys it.
  7. I agree, I got it on sale at one point. Me and a few IRL friends play it on a regular basis
  8. I'm back, posting another game review of course. A couple weeks ago I bought Friday the 13th Game and have been playing it with friends. Now I have to say, it is not worth the full ticket value, however it is an extremely fun and enjoyable game. It is a strictly multiplayer game, and you start off as some poor scrub in the middle of one of 6? maps that are old summer camps... And essentially its a deadly game of hide and go seek, release, what ever you wanna call it. In a server room of 8, 1 of you is Jason. From there the 7 camp councilors need to escape in a boat, car, or with the police. All have pieces to puzzle you need to find, collect and install without getting killed by jason. Usually 1 lucky player can come back as Tommy Jarvis, who is instrumental to Killing Jason, which in and of itself is a puzzle that is rarely completed in a public setting. This game has been allot of fun with a group of friends, but I haven't had fun much playing it by myself. The lack of maps is a turn off at times, but the game makes up for it right now with different Councilors and Jasons to choose from. It is allot like Golf With Friends honestly, its a fun game to play with some friends and drink etc... But seems weird when you play it by yourself. If you are looking for group game, I recommend it.
  9. I have not heard that yet. It would be cool if it did.
  10. I Spent about 50 on it, I got it during the Black Friday Sale, I also went in on it with a buddy and got the mid range one. Its worth it.
  11. After watching DevilDogGamer stream and put multiple videos up, I've finally cracked and bought Escape From Tarkov. This survival based FPS has been hyped for the past year or so, and I have to say, So far the hype is real. I bought this game expecting a challenge, and Oh boy is it a Challenge. You start off with a few Assault Rifles, No tutorial, No body armor etc... And if you don't read the controls, you're out of luck the first few games. This game is 100% Survival based... If you die, You lose your inventory. Everything minus the "Gamma Kit", which is really only for medication and keys. To be able to stockpile your weapons and loot, you need to make it to the extraction area alive, and extract alive. The only downside I have to this game, is it's VERY difficult to get kills let alone survive with loot The sounds are amazing, you can hear people kicking rubble around, climbing stairs, walking on all the different surfaces. And to control the sound you make, you can adjust the speed in which you walk. This game is excellent so far, and very challenging. I recommend it.
  12. Who are you? Why are you Core?
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