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  1. Gas prices

    I'm fine with 2, maybe 1.50 up at Paleto
  2. Gas prices

    Not in the server... there's decimals
  3. Snow during December

  4. Gas prices

    Can we make them more realistic? Gas is roughly 0.81/liter in Los Angeles according to some research. Where i think the most expensive is .35 i believe? Of course make it cheaper out side the city, but not the 15 cents it is in paleto bay... we get tons of money, we should have it regulated a bit more
  5. Re-Introduction

    Who are you? Why are you Core?
  6. Hello!

    Welcome! Enjoy your time!
  7. Introduction

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here as much as i do!
  8. Re-Introduction

    Since we got allot of new people in the last couple months. For those who don't know me, I'm Taylor and a senior member of rgn, been here since the birthing. I'm attempting to keep our milsim team together and help with the development of ems and police guidelines etc. I'm a firefighter, emt and dispatcher in my real time, for the areas surrounding Pittsburgh. If you ever need anything just hit meup
  9. Introduction

    Sorry i got you addicted, it's like crack. Just can't stop doing it. Lol hope you find some more friends here!
  10. Crashes injure you

    Mjm... we can't have people driving into light poles at 100mph and driving off at 100mph, not realistic
  11. October Recruitment and Promotions

    Welcome and congrats to all!
  12. LosSantos Fire & EMS

    I mean, it works for the fantasy state that they're in... Out in california, most FD's are the EMS agency... They're fire fighters that ride ambulances occasionally.... But it would almost require enforcement more than it is.
  13. Super cars need to go away. There's no reason to them, and don't use "it'll kill the server". We don't want people here that just want super cars, we want people here to roleplay. I want to roleplay simple traffic stops with people. Not woop my siren and them take off at 200mph in some neighborhood. How is that fun for anyone?
  14. Police callouts

    @mjm822part of it comes to... 1. The server cap isn't enough to support the size of the map and 2. People don't respect the cops, giving us anything to do. Kind of hard to play cop when you try to pull a traffic stop on a sports car that speeds off before you can even do anything