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  1. Logplopper - self report

    at this time will not be doing a punishment. thank you
  2. LogPlopper

    without 5 min video can not rule on this report will be closing thank you
  3. logplopper's rdm

    do to no video will be closing this case
  4. Brandon Combat Logging

    thank you for the report this is the player 4th stike player will be ban and handed over to core for 4th stike punishment
  5. Ban report - trist

  6. trist Combat Logging x8

    ok yike lol thanks for the report ill be giving him a 24 hour ban in hope he comes here to read the rules thank you
  7. I didn't troll

    im keeping this ban in place for you to read up on the rules. please do not spam admins or the fourms or the ban will be extend. take this time to understand what you did and how to role play and not ram you car into cops thank you
  8. Logplopper - self report

    ok thakn you im kinda at a lost of words. this is the very first time i had a report like this in the 5 years of doing this. We all mess up But to come here and admit it like this does say alot at this time i dont fill like doing @Brendanis this you he is talking about
  9. logplopper's rdm

    you will need to uplaod that video so we can see it going give 24 hours if no video will be closing the report @Brendan

    ok this is simple @OrganizedPotatoyou serve into his lane and ramd him. you keep trolling and for a lack of a better word being a dick rule #1 after see you alread have a note on you and to the the fact of that video think you need to read the rules again. i will be giving you a 24 day ban to read them and understand them better and learn. about fail role play as in saying im going to report you to the fourms and what not thank you
  11. logan Keller vdm

    thanks for the report i this is a fourm of car bombig. he clearly does ram you when you try to pass him a note will be added for this report thank you

    i can not watch anymore of this video master did nothing wrong. as for you @OrganizedPotatoyou troll the cops they tell you to leave gave you more then 5 sec you just set there then you try to car bomb him i want a good explantion of this you have untill 9pm cent time to reply

    im dealing with this right now give me a few more min to reaply
  14. BFC Bonnie Combat Log

    thanks for the report this is his 3rd stike and will be giving a full 30 day ban do to the fact we talk to them about this before
  15. Y ME 754 - Combat Log

    leaving open for 24 hour for y me 745 to explain