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  1. Player has been ban for 24 hours thank you for report
  2. The player has ban ban for 24 hours do to all the reports on him
  3. Thanks for the report after looking at all the report on one player in less then 24 hours i will be giving this player 24 hour ban to wake him up in hope of him reading rules and following them.
  4. @MiAtCh one this one?
  5. I like the idea of this. Back in the day all we had to go on is a message saying a illegal truck has been tooken out and that's it. Need more rp love it @Texas
  6. If this ever happen no matter what pub cops she have both simple as that. Now rpd not really sure I see what your saying but I see the reason why the taZer or better then leathle rounds. Bring more chance on to role play. Can't really role play when your dead. Right?
  7. Ok so this is a fun one. I do agree that there was no role play really in this. But he did follow rules sent a message gave the cops plenty of time to put hands up. Only thing I can do is fine a way to get him in teamspeak and talk to him about this. ill do my best to fine him and talk with him. And let other admin to try and do the same thank you for the report at this time no admin actions will be done
  8. Thanks man I'll be adding a note to his profile as well as letting other admin know to try to fine him in game and talk with him
  9. Even though this does look like rdm would you happen to have 5 min video do to or policy of the 5 min ingagement timer @Combatvetgaming
  10. Thanks for the report I'll be giving him a 7 day ban in hope it wakes him up and shows him we have a 0 tolerance for racism
  11. Before this gets out of hand I'm going lock this @Jack Reacher let me know what rpd decides I'm going live this in there hands on what should be done with jhon. Rpd leadership hip is more then capable of handling this and give what ever punishment they see is needed if any at all. With that being said I'll be keeping my eye on any other reports like this. Thank you
  12. Do to this being player first rule break a note will be place. Letting other admins know if he breaks more rules harder punishment will be place on player
  13. Thanks leaving open for the outcome.
  14. I would like rpd leader ship to take lead first on this @Jack Reacher
  15. Going to close this I agree with what @MiAtChsaid this is a warning I don't want to see a report like this again. What I mean by this is don't report a player for breaking rp when your not trying to rp your self

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