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  1. Better late then never gratz sry hard to get inlone right now
  2. Miss the crazy fun times. Heting momma moon shine be a hard ass at sqr it was fun i do miss it but times change i guess wish i new enuff to make a alits server but dont so i rase my glass and toast to the new and remmber the old
  3. just started back and getting skill up mostly a miner and miner . support with skill in t2 fig and soon t3 ship just wonder who plays this in or community
  4. this firday at 2pm will be getting marry. after 2 years of up and downs we decided its time to make the next step. wish us luck on this new road of life just wanted to share the great news
  5. Congrats man I knew you could do it haha.

  6. holy shit!!!!!! how did i miss this thread welcome buddy long time no see.
  7. going stream building a new coil lol cant stream games really cant pain findi job right now want get my pc back this laptop friend leting me use aint that great 4g ram wooot
  8. Well now only get 10 and session lost every time

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