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  1. who play eve online

    lol @Ronduthyes i play that its fun.

    Miss the crazy fun times. Heting momma moon shine be a hard ass at sqr it was fun i do miss it but times change i guess wish i new enuff to make a alits server but dont so i rase my glass and toast to the new and remmber the old
  3. who play eve online

    just started back and getting skill up mostly a miner and miner . support with skill in t2 fig and soon t3 ship just wonder who plays this in or community
  4. October Recruitment and Promotions

    Gratz all
  5. get merry in 3 days RUUUNNNN hehe

    ya me to man be so cool
  6. get merry in 3 days RUUUNNNN hehe

    this firday at 2pm will be getting marry. after 2 years of up and downs we decided its time to make the next step. wish us luck on this new road of life just wanted to share the great news
  7. Congrats man I knew you could do it haha.

  8. I didn't troll

    im keeping this ban in place for you to read up on the rules. please do not spam admins or the fourms or the ban will be extend. take this time to understand what you did and how to role play and not ram you car into cops thank you
  9. ban of genderdysphoria

    Your ban will be staying place next time let this be a learning leasion not to try and buy hack ingame money with real life cash case close
  10. ban of genderdysphoria

    thanks for the dispute. you see we have a problem. If you would of came in here being honest about how you were getting the money and what you were doing to get the hack money just maybe we could of talk this out. would you like to try this again @mildhat150or do you want to stick to your story ??
  11. completed Reece Ban

  12. Mashed Taters Combat Log Ban

    i have unban you place make sure to follow the rules for now on like i said anymore rule breaks could lead to a 180 ban thank you @Stephen123
  13. Mashed Taters Combat Log Ban

    thank you for your dispute. Im willing to left this ban e arly. for no one if this happens do not combat log fine a admin in teamspeak @ts.reckless and reach out to a rpd leader. al because some one breaks a rule does not give you the right to. Before i unban you i want you to copy and paste the rules here that way i know you know were there at and have looked at them awaiting yoru replay @Stephen123 one more thing next rule break you do will be 4th strike that can lead up to a 180 day ban that you can not dispute so make sure to read the rules
  14. * Ban Dispute *

  15. Discord Ban Dispute

    @Xrellikyou have been unban for discord thank you for waiting to get this clread up plz do not put links to hack sites or anything like that again this can lead to a perm ban next time