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  1. Bittersweet Thank You

    Good luck with the new career MindDoctor thanks for all you've done!
  2. Expanding The Community

    PS4 Alien8r2000 Destiny 2, Cod, etc.
  3. Happy birthday RisingRonin!

    Happy Birthday!

    hold up so we dont get the 1 strike and 1 mission thing that console got? Those bastards!
  5. Fail RP, CoC, and Combat Log

    Alright notes have been added to captain's profile for combat log and fail rp, a note has been added to eric's profile for combat log. I did not see any CoC violations just a bunch of salty trashtalk.
  6. Fail RP, CoC, and Combat Log

  7. Happy birthday GooNie!

    Happy Birthday!
  8. Getting RDM'd as EMS (3 death total)

    Note has been added to player profile and I will attempt to get in contact with him.
  9. New RGN Ark modded PVE server on the dedicated box should run better than the old servers. Server Name: RGN\Annunaki\PVE\50xTame\10xXP\10xGather[Modded] IP: Map: Ragnarok Admins: Setha, Agony Mods: Multipliers/Server Stats: Max Wild dino lvl - 600 Player Cap - 70 Lvl After Tame - 300 Max Player lvl - 300 10xEXP/10xGather/50xTame Rules: No Griefing Don't Block spawns Don't Build in Artifact Caves Follow RGN Code of Conduct No Foundation Spamming/Land Claiming Use Common Sense
  10. Hello, RGN

  11. i miss altis

    tanoa as a third choice??
  12. Rebels getting the same shit cops do.

    I mean honestly restricting gear to 5.56 does not have a great effect on rp the rp on the server is the same its always been even when 7.62s were available.
  13. Happy birthday Alien8r!

    DEUS VALT!! Happy birthday to you to bro!
  14. Change gas station rules

    Agreed +1
  15. UGA least honorable - RDM

    Alright no rules broken here as badger was engaged on and failed to communicate this with his fellow officers in the pursuit. Thank you for the report @Preacher.