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  1. Fail RP, CoC, and Combat Log

    Alright notes have been added to captain's profile for combat log and fail rp, a note has been added to eric's profile for combat log. I did not see any CoC violations just a bunch of salty trashtalk.
  2. Fail RP, CoC, and Combat Log

  3. Altis life Dead

    Arma 3 has been out for 4 years this server is focused on roleplay more than just fighting and sandbox thats why the grind exist if it didn't there would be no consequences to losing gear and it would turn into a wasteland server. I haven't played on the server since it came back to Altis since Arma has mostly run its course for me. The mod is definitely dying out the servers that still run constant max pops are the ones not focused on roleplay with little admin influence and are practically wasteland servers with the name altis life smacked on to them. Those wipes were made after community decision they weren't just random wipes with no forewarning.
  4. Happy birthday GooNie!

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Getting RDM'd as EMS (3 death total)

    Note has been added to player profile and I will attempt to get in contact with him.
  6. New RGN Ark modded PVE server on the dedicated box should run better than the old servers. Server Name: RGN\Annunaki\PVE\50xTame\10xXP\10xGather[Modded] IP: Map: Ragnarok Admins: Setha, Agony Mods: Multipliers/Server Stats: Max Wild dino lvl - 600 Player Cap - 70 Lvl After Tame - 300 Max Player lvl - 300 10xEXP/10xGather/50xTame Rules: No Griefing Don't Block spawns Don't Build in Artifact Caves Follow RGN Code of Conduct No Foundation Spamming/Land Claiming Use Common Sense
  7. Altis Life I miss you

    @Eagles 100% agree with you on all of your points @Wolfy Those were always some of my favorite memories on Altis running from cops in ifits and fighting it out for a solid 20 mins instead of racing hatchbacks until someone crashed. IMO guns do not determine rp, gear does not determine rp, and vehicles do not determine rp. If we want people to play on our server we need to make our server worth playing on we cannot support a strict rp server with limited content. Adding 7.62s would do nothing but make the server more fun and more attractive same with ifrits/hunters and other gear.
  8. Hello, RGN

  9. i miss altis

    tanoa as a third choice??
  10. Rebels getting the same shit cops do.

    I mean honestly restricting gear to 5.56 does not have a great effect on rp the rp on the server is the same its always been even when 7.62s were available.
  11. Happy birthday Alien8r!

    DEUS VALT!! Happy birthday to you to bro!
  12. What about people who just want to play together occasionally without being in a gang would they not be able to use gang tags?

    you forgot my snek

    I bet 1 snek🐍 on the warriors winning
  15. Change gas station rules

    Agreed +1