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  1. The resistance lost most of its fighters at starkiller base and they lost their bomber fleet attacking the dreadnaught. They never showed the size of their entire fleet in TFA. And on the way to snokes ship the thief hears finn talking to poe about admiral holdo's plan. So after they get captured on snokes ship he snitches and makes a deal with the first order. I saw it again today and it cleared a lot up.
  2. Boi chill out atleast the comedy is decent and not a bumbling idiot droping blue balls around
  3. In TFA the first order only lost starkiller base which was a large blow but barely put a dent into their army. I don't think luke's story is done yet i have no doubt he'll show up in 9. Luke also showed how powerful he was by projecting himself, earlier in the movie when Kylo talks to rey for the first time he asks if she is projecting but he says no way because "the effort alone would kill you". As for Rey being as powerful as kylo, snoke says that as kylo grows more powerful a light side equal must also grow to meet him that lightside equal is revealed by snoke to be rey so of course she is as powerful.
  4. I loved the movie definitely one of my top 4 (revenge of the sith, Empire, ROTJ). I wish we saw Luke a little bit more but his ending was perfect. I am so glad they killed snoke it was such a perfect twist and a good change for the trilogy. I am glad they made kylo stronger he was too weak in force awakens and as for his fight with rey I think he was just playing with her/testing her. I also don't think rey's parents are nobodys, after all snoke was messing with their minds.
  5. Good luck with the new career MindDoctor thanks for all you've done!
  6. PS4 Alien8r2000 Destiny 2, Cod, etc.
  7. hold up so we dont get the 1 strike and 1 mission thing that console got? Those bastards!
  8. New RGN Ark modded PVE server on the dedicated box should run better than the old servers. Server Name: RGN\Annunaki\PVE\50xTame\10xXP\10xGather[Modded] IP: Map: Ragnarok http://store.steampowered.com/app/642250/Ragnarok__ARK_Expansion_Map/ Admins: Setha, Agony Mods: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=924563290 Multipliers/Server Stats: Max Wild dino lvl - 600 Player Cap - 70 Lvl After Tame - 300 Max Player lvl - 300 10xEXP/10xGather/50xTame Rules: No Griefing Don't Block spawns Don't Build in Artifact Caves Follow RGN Code of Conduct No Foundation Spamming/Land Claiming Use Common Sense

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