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  1. It should automatically download the update. It took me starting arma a few times for it to update
  2. Leaving it as Rebel Training is fine, I don't see a purpose to changing it because it explains the role perfectly.
  3. If we can only store items in ground vehicles what would that do for the big aircraft like the huron and taru? Will we be seeing these aircraft or will they be replaced by others?
  4. I think having only 556 for cops/civs is good as long as both sides can get all the 556's, but the Rebels can acquire 6.5 (or better) from missions like crate drops, downed aircraft, convoys , etc would be a great alternative forcing rebels to actually leave the major cities in pursuit of the higher grade equipment. This can work with vests, clothing and equipment too like vehicles. The ability to also craft better weapons, gear and vehicles with in-game items like gold, diamond, salt, weed, etc, not only will the ability to craft items make them more useful with the ability to save them and craft items unlike when we could only sell them, it will also add value to houses so we can store the items.
  5. Is there a possibility of adding some missions so it allows players to make more money in a fun way? Will all the current features we have on Altis come into Malden? Maybe more interactive jobs like bounty hunters or crafting that allows players to craft high grade gear and such plus it will put a use to all the items in the game allowing us to craft with them instead of just selling them, adding more value to houses so you can store the items?
  6. Your name: Jacob Walsh UID: 76561198053909125 Have you read and understood the Rules of 110th and intend to follow them to the best of your ability? Yes Do you understand what is to be expected of you while you are apart of the 110th? Yes Do you understand that breaking any of the rules of 110th may lead to disciplinary actions? Yes
  7. Personally I love the undercover aspect of this as we can disguise as regular civilians and try to catch people selling drugs and weapons so we can do sting operations and such, but a problem is that when you look over a police officer it shows a green name tag over the person but +1
  8. They definitely need to add more charges. There are a lot of situations where they commit a crime and i Can't charge them with. a few fines need to be added in my opinion. some that need to be added. - Weapons trafficking - transporting illegal goods - attempted murder plus some more that i can't name right off of that.
  9. i doubt it but i'll just comp the 140k bounty i have as seeen in the video to silenthitter when he is available. whenever i've been on i haven't seen him online. @SomeoneYouLike
  10. I pm'd you @SomeoneYouLike
  11. @Silenthitter @SomeoneYouLike Dont understand how I could message someone without having internet. I can barley respond to this while on my phone.
  12. I am unable to find a crash report as I had to restart my PC. This isnt the first time my Internet has crashed on me ingame. I have screenshots of me losing connection but thats about it. I can comp the 140k from the bounty shown in the video but that will have to be another day. My internet is still down.
  13. @Silenthitter How do I find the crash report
  14. Welcome to RGN!
  15. My internet crashed which lead to my arma going into a black screen and I had to restart my PC due to the black screen and have since been unable to get back online. I'm sending this from my phone currently. I will comp once my internet gets back online for the lost bounty.

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