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  1. Should RGN Continue Arma 3?

    Roblox events.
  2. Epidemic's Introduction

    Welcome to RGN!
  3. Gold Bar Price increase

    I believe that once someone sells gold scraps it increases the price of gold bars. I've seen gold bars at 55k + before. It just depends on how the economy is doing.

  5. researching Stealing kidneys

    I would love this feature to return, used to roll around with 6 guys stealing everyone's kidneys in Kavala.
  6. Adept Introduction

  7. Rust Squad

    I'd join you in rust, I've been trying to get back into clan play after playing solo for a while.
  8. Can't Join Server

    It should automatically download the update. It took me starting arma a few times for it to update
  9. Jake from Nationwide - Combat Log

    i doubt it but i'll just comp the 140k bounty i have as seeen in the video to silenthitter when he is available. whenever i've been on i haven't seen him online. @SomeoneYouLike
  10. Jake from Nationwide - Combat Log

    I pm'd you @SomeoneYouLike
  11. Jake from Nationwide - Combat Log

    @Silenthitter @SomeoneYouLike Dont understand how I could message someone without having internet. I can barley respond to this while on my phone.
  12. Jake from Nationwide - Combat Log

    I am unable to find a crash report as I had to restart my PC. This isnt the first time my Internet has crashed on me ingame. I have screenshots of me losing connection but thats about it. I can comp the 140k from the bounty shown in the video but that will have to be another day. My internet is still down.
  13. Jake from Nationwide - Combat Log

    @Silenthitter How do I find the crash report
  14. Grumpys Intro

    Welcome to RGN!
  15. Jake from Nationwide - Combat Log

    My internet crashed which lead to my arma going into a black screen and I had to restart my PC due to the black screen and have since been unable to get back online. I'm sending this from my phone currently. I will comp once my internet gets back online for the lost bounty.