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  1. I'd join you in rust, I've been trying to get back into clan play after playing solo for a while.
  2. It should automatically download the update. It took me starting arma a few times for it to update
  3. @Ronduth Is it possible for more player wearable skins?
  4. My character will be a lonely nomad killing everything in sight with his luscious locks of flowing hair
  5. I agree 100% with what Bob said if you are trying to lose weight cut the carbs/fats. I recommend only eating carbs if you are going to work out as you are going to need the energy (obviously) For proteins I eat eggs, lean meats such as turkey, beef, chicken, pork etc. Carbs I recommend nothing that processed or made with white flour so that means no cookies, high sugar foods and things along those lines and more natural carbs like whole grain products, sweet potatoes (Personal favorite) oatmeal etc. For fats once again I would cut out any of that processed stuff as all it is made with are unhealthy fats. I use fat free dairy products and try to get the lowest amount of fat I can in other products I eat. But even if you have a healthy diet you need to exercise in order to burn off the unnecessary calories. Here is a very basic link to losing weight http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/brewster26.htm but I recommend doing research as you should never do anything health related without proper research and a plan on what you want to do. I wish you luck with your journey

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