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  1. Hey dudes, long time no see, any chance any body has a copy of the Z4kpl "Hands up buddy" file?
  2. July is dope because its beach time
  3. In the beginning, but if the roleplay gets better you attract more of the people you want to the server.
  4. you can keep your chemical wasteland
  5. Courage is not living without fear. Courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway. 

    1. Dino66


      I literally just wrote an essay on courage

    2. ASAP Baxter!
  6. Go watch some nature documentary's, Ill take the bullet pls.
  7. I am best pilot NA. @Alien8r Shits old as fuck.
  8. I will destroy you boys in 2's. Player name: 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 or a mixture: 2v2 / 4v4 Do you have a team of 4? neg Skill level? (1-5) 4.5 Are you available both days? (sat Feb 18 and sun Feb 19) Not available on Sat

  10. David

    Hello RGN

    Welcome my dude. Good work last night
  11. Guys its not a ban dispute, its an apology. So can we cut out the insults, he already admits to his mistakes. There is absolutely no reason to continue down the rabbit hole and say "Hurr durr you suck because you money duped" @@Ronny see you on the flip side my dude, everyone makes mistakes, learn from them and move on.
  12. Are you a sheep, sheepdog, or a wolf? http://www.killology.com/sheep_dog.htm

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    2. ASAP Baxter!

      ASAP Baxter!

      Are you assuming my gender?

    3. Ryan


      I sexually identify as an attack helicopter

    4. Bacon


      im a tl;dr

  13. Wheres the actual checkpoint though?

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