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  1. Department Officers

    Please join me in congratulating the following members on being selected to fulfill the below Officer positions for the new departments within RGN! Administration @Texas @Eagles Community @Simon @Agony Marketing @MiAtCh @Razzy Recruitment @Draxt Please remember that if you were not chosen to fill an Officer role, you can still let the Officers know that you are interested in joining their particular department. We appreciate the effort put forth by everyone who took the time to complete the application for these positions. Congratulations, and stay Reckless!
  2. My first published book!

    Very nice @Ryan!
  3. hi im riley

    Welcome to the forums and thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself!
  4. Nordy's Introduction

    Welcome to the forums and thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself!
  5. Donation - gvstaylor - 25.0!

    Thanks my guy!
  6. Donation - MoneyB - 25.0!

    Thank you sir!
  7. Donation - Eagles - 10.0!

    @EaglesThanks my guy! @RonduthI think Altis has been down long enough for us to go ahead and divide that $10k between us Founders!
  8. November Recruitment and Promotions

    Welcome new members and congrats to those who got promoted!
  9. Let's see your EDC knife!

    I know what you mean. My older Gerber knives are great, but the newer stuff is rather janky. Seems like they have forgone quality just to make more money by becoming a WalMart knife brand and making plastic handle crap with Bear Grylls name plastered all over it. Take out your phone and take a pic of it.
  10. RGN October Newsletter 2017

    I like.
  11. Let's see your EDC knife!

    Sure! You carry this daily?
  12. I am curious to see what everyone uses as their every day carry knife. Don't have an EDC knife? post a knife you'd like to own as your EDC. I don't mind seeing knife collections or your expensive pieces, but I want to see what you truly carry on a daily basis. I will be creating topics regarding other EDC items (guns, flashlights, wallets, watches, etc) so please save any photos or information on those pieces for later topics. My EDC knife is the CRKT M16-01S - I have multiple different knives that I carry depending on what I will be doing on a certain day, but currently this knife has been my daily go to. It's ability to hold an edge, affordability, lifetime warranty, ease of sharpening, stylish design, and one handed operation are all things I love about this knife. Knife specs - (pen shown with knife for size comparison) The video below gives you an example of the one handed operation of this knife. If you're interested in purchasing -
  13. MrOutlaw's Revamped Showcase

    Looks great!
  14. Basic Introduction

    Glad you found your way onto our 7DTD server! Thanks for taking the time to make an introduction, enjoy that shirt you won on the stream!