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  1. @gunner I appreciate you taking the time to create this mature, well written appeal, and I apologize for our delay in response. Unfortunately, per our most recent leadership meeting, it was decided that you will not be unbanned at this time. Have a great day!
  2. Welcome to the forums, and thanks for the introduction!
  3. Nice post!
  4. Thanks for your support!
  5. Thank you for the donation!
  6. Look forward to watching! @Deathview_games Next Goal: Shave your head (Good excuse to get rid of the pink hair )
  7. I suppose so!
  8. no no no, I meant you hear @Setha complaining about his computer. Actual photo of his pc below:
  9. That's because you're in TS with @Setha playing GW2!
  10. I think games would be the easiest and most inclusive route to take. Unless your computer can't run it, almost anyone can enjoy a game. If you do a system, only one person will get enjoyment out of that where you could use all that money to give out tons of games to make a lot of people happy. Hardware is a decent option also, but I would do something like..."Graphic card worth up to X amount". That way someone who uses nvidia or Radeon can both be included. Same with RAM, different people would need different speeds, so basically set an amount and let the winner give you the specs. Just my opinion! Thanks for always being so generous!
  11. A year on the server and you're just now making an introduction on the website? About time! Welcome!
  12. Welcome! Glad your buddy introduced you to the server and that you got around to reading the rules!
  13. Thank you for your support!
  14. Thank you for the continued support!

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