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  1. RIP
  2. I have had and are going to have a busy summer... That means less play time with RGN Camping, Camping with fam, sleepovers with cousins, sleep in, and more... I wish I could play more with you guys! I've been trying so hard to become a member of RGN but life happens and I'm a kid so I need to do more then just play video games and hangout with friends says everyone that doesn't like video games... But somethings just happen even to gamers... Family, viruses (more on that later) and more... I had a ransom-ware virus on my PC and that took a while to get rid of... Thats the main reason I've been gone... I have more time for little games not like Altis Life were if you have 30 minutes, it would just be wasting your time since you need a lot of time on Altis Life to advance... But smaller games that don't take a long time... Also my family thinks I'm weird because I'm talking to people that I don't know lol... but I love you guys anyway even if I have to be gone. But I will still be on quite often... just know that I love RGN and I will see ya guys around.
  3. happy late birthday homes

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Yo dont say that thats really mean
  6. This is a Asylum idea... This would RUIN the game for me... I would not play the server... I love the server but I've played on servers that have this idea and it completely ruins it...
  7. Amazing!!!
  8. I try my best also as pub cop. lol
  9. lol Connor I love your videos and if I was a higher up, I would promote you. Keep the good work up!
  10. Post Title: RPD Application - Riggerman10 Your Character Name: Landon Your Age: 12 almost 13 Your Steam UID: 76561198194919171 Have you previously been white-listed for the RPD? Give details. No. -------------------------- Have you previously applied for the RPD? Give details. Yes. I have but got accepted once but I was on vacation. -------------------------- Have you received a note, kick, or ban within the last 30 days? No. --------------------------
  11. Great idea
  12. Im going to fight with a head butt war instead of a gun... :/
  13. Just a question... Whats a gang slot upgrade?
  14. Hello guys I'm back from my trip and you might be asking why I'm back a day late but the reason is that we stayed a day later at the dunes.
  15. I'm not going to be on RGN for a little while because we are going to the sand dunes for like 4 days or so to ride our 4-wheelers around and just go camping. See you guys tommarrow and then thats the last of me for a bit!

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