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  1. Its worth it considering at any point you can either upgrade or just deal with the base pack. When in reality you can later in the game get a better container
  2. Im actually crying and laughing at literally the fact that it looks like something out of torture tests......
  3. I just kindof glued it back on when that happened to me....it seems to work just fine now lol....i recommend the gorilla glue
  4. PS4 Nebraska_JAG R6, BF4, BF1, Killing Floor 2, Last of Us, Uncharted Saga....minecraft anybody lol?
  5. What about a Space Engineers Server? Just for a word of thought, I've had tons of fun playing the base game, and here is the best part.....IT HAS TONS AND TONS OF MODS. Since Mods seem to be all the craze right now the game itself with maybe a couple of mods for looks and maybe even the ability to make even more different shuttles/hovercraft would expand interest into the game? colonization of other worlds, construction of space station via rocket shuttles. I spent a lot of time building a shuttle about a football field long and at least 5 stories tall. It ended up turning into a huge dreadnought type cruiser once we downloaded star wars mods and battled it out against rebel and empire fighters....Tons of fun to play. And time consuming as well. I would recommend it to anybody
  6. Right up there with ya my dude. This hurricane is bipolar and has shattered records in the history of the planet. Will be in it for the long run, almost impossible to find water now and gas has risen 30 cents in the past 2 days. Already calls in my county of false evacuation reports from looters wanting to break into houses of evacue's. Be safe and sleep with a gun loaded like I do
  7. But you are playing yi....the one champion people hate more than Yasuo....or if you are good enough jayce....
  8. Desert Hawk


    I want to be a professional Jazz Musician, or just part of a normal Concert Ensemble. I have always loved music since I was old enough to appreciate its meaning. That and my dad being an All State musician I wanted to follow in his footsteps. So now that I am out of high school I plan on taking a year off after my move to Florida and go to school and study music, and music theory. I was part of my high schools marching band and I loved every single minute of it. Granted my director almost killed my passion for it, but I didn't let a director that only cared about winning get in the way of my ability to enjoy what I do, and why I do it. Most will say "oh band kids are nerds and don't have friends" . That we don't put in any work at all, that anybody can do what we do. They say that, ironically up until we hand them an instrument and tell them to "do it themselves". The work I put in, and all the hours I sacrificed of my life to that program was worth it. I met amazing people, I found my girlfriend of almost 3 years now. Music can bring people together and make any number of random people, a family. I want to share what its like to put soul into something that isn't seen as "animate". Music is more than just notes on a page. It's a living force that intertwines every living thing and gives anyone, no matter how diverse the background a common ground for love, and enjoyment. I want to spread that and give back to the world.
  9. Thanks for the giveaway my dude, it would be going towards buying either Warhammer or Stellaris
  10. Hey guys, frankly I don't remember ever doing one of these or I did and its forever been archived in the deep recess's of my mind. Anywho, the names Desert Hawk or by my real name which is Ethan Gray. I have been around since the GSN days and sadly the shutdown. Joined RGN shortly after the launch date. Back in October of 2015. (Holy crap its been almost 2 years since I've been here). Anyways just a little about me, I dapple in writing fantasy fan fics from the books I have read and then reread, again and again, I am known for my speed-reading of reading a 700 pg book in about 2 days, but not many people can appreciate a good book anymore. Other interests include of course gaming on console and also pc, (though pc is infinitely better) and I also write and play music and am currently in progress of learning 3 new instruments besides my own main instrument which is the saxophone, will post a pic in the desc of my baby. The games that I consistently play are R6 on PS4, Civ V, Company of Heroes, MOW AS2 (Men of War), Arma 3 obviously, Elite Dangerous, GTA V, PUBG, League of Legends, SMITE, Mount and Blade+Warband, and I dapple in a few others. Main interests revolve around Literacy, Ancient History, and Music Composition/Production. That's just a little bit about me, if you have any other questions about me or want to know anything else that I may, or may not do just PM me or just reply to this intro! Thanks for reading. PS- The picture is from when I was buying it from Music Store.
  11. Do screenshots count if the fuckup wasn't recorded by chance? I don't normally save videos of my fuckups....mainly due to the rage fest that insues afterwards...lol

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