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  1. PSA: RPD Are NOT Your Enemies (sometimes) I've had plenty of awful encounters with RPD while being fully cooperative. It all comes down to the cop and previous experiences that determine how people act towards the RPD and vice versa.
  2. guide

    Rebel License is 50k
  3. If we are indeed trying to direct the server to more RP oriented this is something that needs to be implemented, there would be far less robo cop arrests and this would easily improve RP between civs and cops. +1
  4. This post is being made to get an understanding of what people would like to see changed to the economy, any and all ideas are welcomed and will be considered. (i.e resource prices changes, vehicle price changes/capacity improvement or reduction, clothing price changes.) Edit: We want actual feedback on this, not "I want this changed because I don't like it" provide reasons for why you think something should be changed to what you are suggesting.
  5. @Ronduth @Gewchie @Goats @Al Hoff @InfernalRage
  6. Don't give me a definition just because you can't provide the proof I asked for. Your opinion is close minded and ignorant and will continue to be viewed as such until you can provide me video of EVERY rebel in the server going out of their way to kill cops. Until you can provide me with such video proof keep your ignorance to yourself.
  7. You're opinion is close minded as all hell because you want to group ALL rebels in what you have described, I've played rebel 99% of the time since Altis came up and that has never been my mentality, you take the most extreme case of rebels and automatically assume thats what every rebel wants to do. That is a fact. what you have stated is a close minded opinion and you have nothing to stand on without providing proof that EVERY rebel you have come across acts the same way.
  8. It's not facts if you're talking out of your ass.
  9. Oh I feel you on that, I guess it personally comes down to community opinion.
  10. Pretty sure it used to be 1/3 of the vehicle price, someone may remember better than me though.
  11. The thing about the insurance was it was only good for one accident (An explosion was the only thing it covered), it wasn't something that lasted the life of the vehicle till it was chopped.
  12. That's the most close minded opinion on rebels I have ever seen in my life. Judge I'd like to see that statement from Marcus striked from the records. Sustained.
  13. The Grim Reapers Active Recruitment - On Off Gang Lead & Operated under the Leadership of Eagles and Connor. About Us- The grim reapers are the men and women who were killed in the line or duty and reborn into a whole other dimension that is and remains unseen by all non-reapers. The job of the reaper is to execute high risk tasks that are deemed humanly impossible. Some of these tasks include, but are not limited to: terminating high risk targets, assisting in federal robberies, and reaping bodies. How reapers operate- Reapers operate through 2 dimensions(One being the regular dimension and the other being the parallel dimension). The regular dimension consists of the targets that reapers are assigned to eliminate and the parallel dimension consists of the exact same dimension. However, reapers are only able to be seen in the normal dimension. Reapers communicate in the parallel universe and execute their plan of attack in the shadows of the regular dimension. Special Services- Not only do the we kill for fun, we also kill to serve your needs. Below are some of the options available to the public. Special Services: Kill Order Run Protection Current Roster: Owners: Connor and Eagles Leaders: Burka Members: Trial-Members Current Alliances, Neutrals, and Enemies: Alliances: Neutral: Enemies: Useful Information: TGR has a teamspeak that is only open to fellow TGR members and its allies. TGR Rules and Regulations: Must be willing to listen and adhere to orders given by fellow members Must not kill other TGR Members Must wear proper [TGR] tags while in-game Must abide by RGN’s rules and code of conduct Must not use racial slurs in any tense Failure to follow all of the rules will result in your removal from the gang. How to join TGR- We are a close knit gang comprised of highly experienced members. It is not impossible to join the gang. However, it is not the easiest gang to join. In order to join the gang, certain requirements listed below must be met. All of the requirements must be met to the ‘T’ with no exceptions. As stated previously in this section, we are comprised of the best of the best. So, the requirements are demanding. Requirements: Must be willing to abide by the Gang rules Must have an account on the Reckless Network forums Must have and be active in TeamSpeak (this includes being proficient and knowledgeable in the use of the program) Must have and be active in Discord (this includes being proficient and knowledgeable in the use of the program) A minimum of 75 hours play time on the Reckless Network Altis Life server Must be in good standing with the RGN rules and code of conduct (This includes: no reports being filed within 45 days) Must know how to communicate effectively under high stress loads Must be strategic and able to operate under high stress loads Applications- Once the player is sure all requirements are met, the player must message either Eagles or Connor on the RGN forums with the filled out version of the template listed below. Application Template: Name: Date of Birth: ArmA III UUID: Do you have any infractions within the past 45 days?: Hours on ArmA III: Hours on RGN Altis Life: List any past Aliases: Previous Gangs: Why you should be accepted into TGR?: Have you ever been banned from RGN Altis Life Server? If so, what for?(Honesty is the best policy): I hereby do solemnly swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Failure to meet all of the requirements, whether noticed at the beginning or during membership, may result in your application being rejected or your removal. Gangs work best with allies- We do not work alone. We are able to work alongside other skilled gangs throughout Malden to provide the best service to our customers. In order to become an ally, the requirements listed below must be met. Requirements: Have a fully functional gang Your gang must be in good stand with the RGN rules and code of conduct (This includes all of the gang members as they are seen as the entirety of the gang) No reports must be filed on any members with 30 days of applying for membership The owner is the only person allowed to send an application Failure to meet all of the requirements, whether noticed at the beginning or during an alliance, may result in your application being rejected or your removal. Placeholder for territory map till we decide on shit.

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