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  1. Altis Life Admins

    Majority of these complaints come when there is a hacker on, finding a hacker is not an easy ass process like some people that complain think it to be.
  2. Played the game for the first time last night and demolished people, Cole is right in the fact that it is an easy game to learn.
  3. Player Report - [MOB]Drewski

    Rip totally forgot about this report my bad. Drewski is currently banned for 30 days, but I will be putting in a notice for a 4th strike ban on him for this particular report. We appreciate you taking the time to report this player. Have a nice day!
  4. Altis Life Admins

    It does when we don't have a massive admin team at our disposal and have to comb through a fuck ton of logs to find what we're after.
  5. Are people banned from the community eligible for the event
  6. You be the judge

    The videos were posted because I believed the guy to be walling due to how he looks in my direction both times before he starts shooting at me, I wanted to see what everyone else thought about the videos.
  7. You be the judge

    This was in casual and he was a Gold IV, I haven't ever seen a Plat or Diamond in casual. I know I didn't hit him, that's not what the video was about though
  8. You be the judge

    Walling or no? EDIT: Clip #2 added
  9. Add the old Tablet back!!

    If it's not essential to improving the server and is just an aesthetics request theres other things that need to be focused on before this is even considered.
  10. Reckless Friday - The Return is here!

    A T-Shirt giveaway eh? I could go for another shirt in my empty ass closet, whoever wins will be given the chance to get their name on the back or will it just be a set design?
  11. Items Disappearing When Car Gets Impounded

    Personally I think the evidence locker needs to be removed, all too often shit will go into that locker and when no one is around random civs will run in and take whatever the can from the locker. When I jump on cop I eventually tell all cops online to stop putting stuff in the evidence locker and throw it in one of their cars and impound it. If we wanted to change gear saving to include LEGAL gear only that's fine, but nothing that is illegal (that isn't a Y item) should be saving in vehicles.
  12. Katiba for cops?

    No, I'd rather use the Type 115 for my 6.5 over the Katiba on Cop.
  13. Player Report - [MOB]Drewski

    Looks pretty blatant to me, if Drewski has an account on our forums I'll give him till 8 PM CST tonight to reply to this report.