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  1. I'd rather have a small community of people that WANT to be here over having a massive community of people that are only here for a server. What I've accepted in the past 4 months is that Altis is dead. All you have to do is check gametracker for NA Altis Life servers and it tells you all you need to know, Asylum hasn't even maxed out their servers in over a month, Olympus is the only NA based Altis Life community that has maxed their servers out recently. That should start to tell you something right there. If Asylum can't even max their servers out anymore what makes you think that we could? What makes you think that we could even sustain a population for more then a couple weeks? Everyone is so adamant that Altis Life could "revive" this community but get pissy when we say no. If you guys think Altis Life is such a sustainable thing for a community 4 years after it's inital release go make your own community and tell us how it goes. There's been MULTIPLE communities that have broken off from this one and FAILED trying to be another Altis Life community (Tidal, Renegades, and Templar are the 3 that stand out). Everyone has said this community is "dying" for the last year to year and a half. What you people don't realize is it's not the servers that make a community it's the people within it. The people that are here in RGN, that talk in the discord on a daily basis, that play games with one another like we have been since we all first met in GSN will be the reason this community is "dying" for who knows how long.
  2. Thank you Touri! The community will put this support to good use!
  3. Much love to my fellow southern brother! Thanks for supporting the community Bob!
  4. Coming out of the wood work to support the community dog! I like it! Much love man!
  5. Thanks for the support John! We love you
  6. We always appreciate the support from our father!
  7. MoneyB showing some massive love from across the world! We love you bro, keep staying safe!
  8. Welcome my friends! New and old, we hope you enjoy your time here!
  9. Thanks so much man! We greatly appreciate the support!
  10. Welcome to the forums man! Glad to see you're enjoying the community so far!
  11. Big dick daddy ron coming in hot with the 50 bomb!
  12. ehhhh PC Cod has never floated my boat, I've played all my CODs exclusively on Playstation. BO3 is a great game it's just a shame that PC CODs playerbase can never hold up long term.
  13. Welcome to the forums man! I’m a bit of a Black Ops player myself, what system do you play on?

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