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  1. New Altis - new idea

    It amuses me that you either A. Went back to find that or B. Saved it when it was posted in discord.
  2. New Altis - new idea

    10/10 Would blow up BangBus' house again.
  3. I enjoy the video (nice work Razzy) but me being the person that I am I will bring up some gametracker statistics since people for some reason think ARMA 3 is dying. Just because Altis is no longer a thing within this community doesn't mean that ARMA in general is dead as you can clearly see some of the most populated servers in ARMA are Life related servers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry for derailing the post but I just get tired of the "ARMA is dead statement". EDIT: ARMA may not be popular in NA anymore but it certainly isn't a dead game.
  4. Introduction... again! :D

    Nice to see you around again!
  5. Reckless 2 Yr Anniversary Stream

    That Carolina Reaper challenge will be funny af also will that preorder key for COD WWII be purely for PC or will the winner be able to choose what system they get it on?

    I remember this shit, I was pissed off so we gathered up all the cops cars after my ifrit got chopped when my game was shitting the bed.
  7. ~

    This post is null and void with the edit, but in my personal opinion Tanoa was the perfect map size for a life server. It was half the size of altis and offered a good variety of terrain and city spots to make it viable for life, the only downside was that a lot of the buildings on the map weren't enterable. Whether that changed within the last year of Tanoas release I have no idea. If it wasn't a DLC you had to pay for it'd be the perfect life map plain and simple.
  8. Gamedev, and I love the cold weather (whenever it arrives in Alabama)
  9. Intro ft. McBlyat

    Welcome Sam I hope you enjoy your time here! Don't listen to @Gewchie by the way he's the resident crazy founder and I could easily demolish him in Siege any day of the week
  10. Awards Making a comeback

    Give me all that good stuff.
  11. Couple of Casual aces...

    I will block the shit out of you.
  12. Activity based salary

    You could also do an increase for a paycheck based off of how long you've held a certain job, maybe every hour or so you get a $25-$50 increase to your paycheck which resets if you decide to take another job.
  13. Shotgun for civs/ option to buy ammo

    I thought the double barrel was already in for civs?
  14. Which is completely understandable, you bring up excellent points for something like this. I'm sure @Ronduthwould be more than willing to look over the thought of removing them.