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  1. I would play if I had DayZ standalone , not sure if my vote counts though since I dont have it
  2. 1) Like this post ✓ 2) Join our Discord https://discord.gg/pAdZyRq ✓ 3) My favorite call of duty game is MW3 and my favorite game mode is survival. Too bad the PC version has almost no anti-cheating software in it and the xbox community has abandoned it (as far as I know). It was always fun destroying everything in a survival round until the juggernauts became almost impossible to kill or killing that guy in a regular match. 4) I try to visit RGN's website everyday (or every other day when I'm really busy) and I mostly look at feature requests and the general discussion; unfortunately I've been lacking in my server playtime as the koth game mode has me hooked! 5) I think RGN as a whole community is doing pretty well especially given that the server is still "incomplete" (as in there are lots of planned features which have not been implemented yet but are being implemented), however, what I do see that is slightly concerning is our lack of advertisement (ex: youtube). Personally I am unable to provide a solution to this problem (without appearing like a hypocrite) since I don't actively contribute my notable game play but I can say that the material for a video-advertisement is there, it just needs to be compiled. Don't get me wrong, we're doing very well with the ones that we currently have, this is just a slight concern of mine. Other than that, I cannot really think of any "problems" with the community. Keep up what you're doing everyone!
  3. Not to be rude, but there is an entire section dedicated to the becoming a police officer on the Altis Life server: https://recklessnetwork.com/forum/227-cop-applications/
  4. Maybe make sure you have fans (or an ac vent) in there; I'd imagine a gaming room would get really hot after a while, my room gets hot when I game and I only have one PC (albeit a gaming pc)
  5. Thanks for the giveaway! I would've thanked you sooner but I didn't realize that my post didn't save a few days ago
  6. Welcome to RGN, enjoy your stay!
  7. I had been watching PsiSyndicate's Altis Life videos and (logically) decided to buy Arma 3. RGN was the first life server I clicked on in the server explorer and I've been here since. There's been ups (Tanoa pop) and downs (Altis pop) but I am enjoying it very much. These whooper snappers today don't know what it was like before Tanoa. I've only been here 2 months ._.
  8. Good catch, I didn't even think about how the lights would impact NVGs! If my design is selected I can remove the red/blue lights, however, I don't think there is a risk of epilepsy because of them (granted I'm not a doctor but they flash relatively slowly). In regards to the walls, most portions can't be knocked inwards in my federal reserve. From what I've tested, you need to hit them at 50+km/h with a large truck in order to knock them over. This can be extremely difficult to do in many areas such as the side closest to the dirt road because you lose a lot of speed going up the hills. On the flip side, robbers can semi-easily knock the walls outwards if they drive along the entrance's road and then turn towards the side closest to the real dome. This can also be changed if my design is chosen. Overall the walls are mostly there for realism but most importantly are to require flanking attackers to enter in through weak spots as opposed to appearing/disappearing into the forest to never be seen again (this also applies to robbers)
  9. Excuse some of my bad captions. Location: My federal reserve is located in the current spot of the maximum security prison so the prison would have to be moved somewhere else if my design were to be accepted (I believe this would be easy because a prisoner containment area can fit pretty much anywhere on Tanoa unlike a federal reserve). Although the federal reserve is relatively close to the Georgetown HQ, RPD would have to plan their departures well to prevent (for example) a helicopter full of officers from arriving and dying/securing the federal reserve before officers in land vehicles can arrive. This, I believe, presents and interesting strategic aspect that will have to be considered by all involved parties. Design: I designed the federal reserve to the best of my ability with balance in mind. Although the federal reserve may look like robbers can't get out easily or that the police can't get in easily, I can assure you that either side may "take" the federal reserve with planning. What good would a federal reserve be if it was too easy for either the RPD or a gang to control? Four guard towers are placed along the compound's perimeter, each one individually marked with a number for easy identification. The guard towers are all positioned to overlook key areas such as surrounding roads and inside the compound itself rather than mainly being cosmetic. Additionally, two barracks buildings provide hiding places for players to defend or retake the facility from. Three warehouses and an extra dome are also located on the premises (two of the warehouses are part of the map) and can be used for cover or storage of getaway vehicles. In my opinion, there are just enough buildings to be realistic without having too much going on or being overpowered for either side. Weaknesses/Strengths: Players are able to enter in the compound on foot if they go in through a poorly secured part of the perimeter. If required, I can produce a "map" that shows every possible way in, however, I would prefer not to as players wouldn't have to figure the ways in by themselves. The Tanoa volcano is roughly 800-1000m (depending on where you're looking at) away from the federal reserve, meaning that any player involved with the federal reserve may post up there and snipe. Although fort like, my federal reserve gives everyone an equal playing field. As you can tell, the compound is mostly walled in, either by concrete wall or by rocks. Either side can drive through most portions of the wall (with proper vehicles), however, they must make sure that they can build up enough speed before driving through. Failure to do so may disable their vehicle or slow their vehicle down too much upon impact and result in the occupants' death/incarceration. The four guard towers located along the perimeter make excellent vantage points, however, two of them are easily viewable from the front of the compound and can get their shooters/lookouts killed if they aren't careful. The other two, which are located towards the rear of the compound, also provide good shooting/lookout points; Players in both of these towers can either kill or be killed easily if their target is inside of the compound (anywhere past the double double gates). This federal reserve is by no means set in stone, any parts of it can be added or removed if considered to be Tanoa's federal reserve. Please contact me if you have any question about the federal reserve, or download the attachment if you want to mess with it yourself. Dante.Tanoa.zip
  10. It is the official server but the message needs to be changed.
  11. We're not getting money from the beta? Thank goodness, some people were driving around in hemmts towards the end of the first beta testing, I can only imagine how much money they had.
  12. Thank you both, I couldn't remember on my own! Are you addressing me (I don't see anyone on this thread upset about the wipe but I did mention it)? If you are, I'm not mad - I voted in favor of the wipe. Sorry for any confusion.

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