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  1. under review

    Hello, @Camper4Days751, since you haven't uploaded sufficient evidence, I will be closing this report with no administrative action being applied. If you have the evidence, please make a new report. Case closed.
  2. How can he be saying hands up when he weapon is not even drawn? You will be getting a note for RDM. This will be your first strike. Case closed.
  3. Alright, I have watched the full video, @SillyGoose do you have anything to say regarding this report? You have 24 hours to respond before I do administrative action.
  4. Happy Birthday!
  5. Hello, Thanks for the report, player has received a note for combat logging x2. Case closed.
  6. @AngelYou knew he was gonna put his hands up however, he by mistake pressed Shift+V. This lack of RP is unacceptable. He made a mistake. You took advantage of that mistake so you can get a kill. Unacceptable. Do you think it is valid RP to scream "HANDS UP HANDS UP" wait 5 seconds, saw him vaulting which is completely harmless to you, but anyways shot him. I will be issuing a note on your profile for RDM and Fail-RP. If you have a issue with my ruling, PM a Core+ and I'll be happy to discuss it. Case closed.
  7. Hello, Thanks for the report, I am going to need audio and 5 minutes prior of your death in order for me to take administrative action.
  8. Hello, Thanks for the report, @TheMindDoctor Do you have 5 minutes of video evidence prior of your death? @SillyGoose
  9. Hello, Thanks for the report, since our initiation timer is 5 minutes, I am requesting additional video approximately 5 minutes prior to your death.
  10. @Angel Do you have evidence from your perspective? In the video, it looks like he just pressed the wrong key, and with your impatience and lack of RP took the shot anyways.
  11. Hello, Thanks for the report, I am sincerely sorry for this inconvenience and toxicity from this player. I will be placing a note for RDM on his profile. Case closed.
  12. Hello! Welcome to RGN Gaming news for 6/25/2017! This is our bi-weekly RGN series where we give you a summary of the gaming news over the past few weeks. As all of you know, E3 this year was exhilarating with all the new exciting announcements like Call of Duty: WWII, PUBG on console, and as well Metroid Prime and Pokemon are coming to the Nintendo Switch. To see all the games that were announced this year, click on here. The next thing in the news, the famous city building game known as Cities: Skylines just announced that it is coming to Playstation 4! To watch the announcement trailer click here. As some of you know, Take-Two the publisher for Rockstar has sent off an cease and desist to the creators of OpenIV. The modding community was outraged, as OpenIV is used for more then 70% of singleplayer mods. The modding community responded with giving Grand Theft Auto 5 tens of thousands of negative reviews, petitions and much more. This caused the game to come from a 10/10 rated game to an astounding 6/10 on Google. Over 87% percent on recent reviews for GTA 5 were all negative, and now 36% of overall reviews on the game are negative. Ever since the major protect, Rockstar has allowed OpenIV to continue, which has satisfied the angered modding community for GTA 5. The next thing in the news, is the early access game known as Astroneer which is an fantastic survival, base building and arcade style graphics game, has been releasing fantastic new updates improving and adding new features for the weekly. I suggest you check their weekly developer vlogs which can be seen here. Buy the early-access game on Steam which can be found here. The annual Steam Summer Sale is out! Get yourself or friends their favorite games at a drastically lower price from the original. The Summer Sale ends July 5, 2017. You can get superb games like GTA 5, Cities: Skylines and Fallout 4 for a much cheaper price. To see the daily updated game sales, click on here. The last thing on the news, is that the developer of Bohemia the creators of the game that built our community which is Arma 3, has released an awesome new and free update called Malden 2035. The DLC consists of the remastering of the map Malden, the new Combat Patrol, and tons of bug fixes. the SPOTREP can be found here. Here in RGN, we have released Malden Life, which is similar to Altis life but on the new map Malden. Thanks to our amazing founder, @Ronduth who is consistency developing to add more features, fix bugs and took hundreds of hours developing Malden life to make sure it is something that we can enjoy. Thank you for stopping by and reading the news! Reply to this forum with your comments about the news.
  13. Alright, I have placed a note on the player's profile for RDM and VDM. Case closed.
  14. under review

    Hello, Thanks for the report, I do not see this as sufficient amount of evidence. Do you perhaps have video evidence?
  15. Hello, Thanks for the report, since you are reporting a Core member in RGN, I will be handling this report to our DGR Major, DGR LT and Staff+. @BeenJamminMon @Draxt @Ronduth @Goats @Simon @Dark Please be patient while they review.

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