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  1. @BangbusDriver Im willing to work with you, I can help dev 100%
  2. The Reckless Scenarios have something similar to this @David Crenshaw
  3. Maybe Altis Life will come back. The GTA V RP server isn't doing so hot at the moment.
  4. What was wrong with the other intro video? This one more looked like a GTA V RP advertisement than a intro. Other intro:
  5. I am not going to be on or be able to be communicated until Saturday night. :) Last holiday until March.

    1. John Falcon

      John Falcon

      I'm not so sure about that. December my guy.

    2. SomeoneYouLike


      @John FalconHoliday that I can't use electronics.

    3. John Falcon

      John Falcon

      ahh ok hoe. Now get on the GTA V RP server I need you <3 

  6. I miss Altis Life. I honestly miss administrating the server as well, it is so much fun. I would like to thank @Simon for allowing me to administrate the server. I miss being a cop for 15+ hours a week. I don't miss waiting 2 hours for a pub slot in the old Altis. I miss the decent RP that I encounter. I miss yelling at the pubbies every day. I love teaching new comers for over 2+ hours on how RP works on Altis. I miss the shootouts, they were intense and enjoyable. Altis is how I found the community and that was one of the reasons I love the community for it for. It somewhat matured me, I know in the Discord I may be a little immature but when it comes to serious manners, I don't fuck around. Like a situation in Teamspeak.
  7. Want to be that guy to fly out of a car going 100+KPH spraying their M249 in PUBG? Well, now you can do that by this simple tutorial: (Video is not made by RGN. Credits go to FPSWacKo for this find)

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