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  1. For the League of Legends deal it's possible for RGN to make a LoL tournament so that could be the answer to that one!
  2. Butch where have you been?

    1. Butch Coolidge

      Butch Coolidge

      Ya know, I have to do my mysterious disappearance every once and a while to keep people on their toes I'll be back soon 

    2. SomeoneYouLike


      Come back asap we miss you bb ❤

  3. Hahaha thank you everyone, I truly appreciate it!
  4. Happy Birthday Butch <3

    1. Butch Coolidge

      Butch Coolidge

      Thank you sweet cheeks ? @Ryan

  5. No problem, next time I will give a little more than 3 bucks hahaha Simon you sound like such a robot @Simon?
  6. Dear Baby Jesus, Rest In Peace Butch
  7. Arma 2 used to be my favorite game way back when... I played Overpoch/Epoch and my group of friends and I were defending the castle West of Pobeda Dam and it was honestly one of my favorite situations in any game I have ever played. The assailants trying to take over the castle had helicopters with manual fire doing strafe runs as well as soliders on foot coming in from every direction imaginable. I believe they had 1 or 2 snipers set in position to try and pick us of whilst we tried to do the same. It ended with us winning because assaulting a fully built castle base is one of the hardest things to do in any game.
  8. Goats, man you already know. I killed off the rest of the people on the list. So therefor by automatic decision I won correct?
  9. Yes I am very familiar with these bad boys! My preferred play style would have to be a rusher, I love going in kicking ass and taking names!

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