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  1. Hello Reckless Gaming Network, I just wanted to say hello because i really never made a Intro in The Old community so i thought i would make one here. Where to start...Well i'm 20 years old living is the state of Washington in a small town called bremerton. I currently trying to go back to school for a career in Computer Sciences.I found this community by just joining Altis Life servers trying to find one i would enjoy and i really enjoy the time i spent on the server so i stayed. I have made Friends and Enemies through this Community i wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. So that about all i can think of.. if i think of anything i will edit this post. So either like me or hate me, doesn't matter to me, but overall I enjoy My experience here. I plan on playing on here for a while, so if you see me around in game, just stop by to say hello! (P.S I Have been getting this a lot! yes i do live in the town where coach Kennedy is known for praying on the football field after games.)

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