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  1. Ease's official REIntroduction

    You're not the master of meme you nerd
  2. Reign of Kings Server Input

    I guess you have never played on a real Reign of Kings. Also Altis is a complete different game from ROK and with ROK i don't see it being a administrative nightmare.
  3. Reign of Kings Server Input

    Were not GSN though
  4. Reign of Kings Server Input

    I love The Game Of Thrones style RP. That has my vote and if the server gets put in it will take all of my free time up lol
  5. New Rust Server?

    we have a lot admins lol
  6. New Rust Server?

    Reign Of Kings RP server would be so lit
  7. was is blacklisted on EMT ???

  8. happy birthday :D

    1. Jesse


      Thank you bro :)

  9. New here

    welcome bro
  10. Jainarcher

    "Jainarcher" was banned for 1 day from the server by "[RGN] Jesse" (Mic spam )
  11. Fresh Start - Don't be strangers!

    Glad to have you back my friend. It's been a long time coming
  12. Two sides to every story lol but cya
  13. How Did You Find RGN!

    GSN then came to RGN. Been here since day 1
  14. Hey RGN!

    Hey welcome!!!