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  1. Happy birthday Butch Coolidge!

    Happy Birthday Bro!
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    Congrats everyone!
  4. Cartel System 1.0

    Sounds Awesome can't wait to see people using it!
  5. Happy birthday SmartDev!

    Happy Birthday, Bro!
  6. Happy Birthday Ronduth!

    Happy Birthday Ron!
  7. Donation - Naan ⚔ Solo $10.00

    Thank you! @Naan ⚔ Solo
  8. What Kind of Changes Would You Make?

    @Andy27832 just go to the top of the website you should see your profile picture and to the right your name. Click that and it should have "Account Settings" and then it will take you to "Overview" and to the right of all your info it should have a "Notifications Settings" Click it and scroll down and disable what you want disabled.
  9. wanted Looking to buy a PS4

    Ha literally just sold mine Saturday for $150 rip!
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    Thank you @Neil Hanson
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    Well Hello and welcome!
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