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  1. When are you coming back to play with me? Never? Surely you've worked all the OT you need and have already gone to vacation right? Don't tell anyone else but I do miss you :(

    1. Warrior


      I try to get on this weekend.I work nights all week 

    2. Touri


      Okay, cool :) You have weekends off then?

  2. A week later lol thanks guys.
  3. 51 seconds? I want to see more man....
  4. Next time I won't be that nice. I could of shot so many bullets through that door...Nice shooting though. Arma sucks anyway every time i get into an engagement my game start dropping FPS plus we are in kavala..... Let me also add this. You are right , the RPD did have a hard time resolving this situation. I asked many times for backup in that exact house and I didn't get any.As I walked up to the house I already knew that it was about to be a problem so I called for backup beforehand and only thing I got was a AFK pub cop sitting in the house and another one that don't know what to do....
  5. This changelog is crazy. Cop side will always be OP. SMH



  6. Happy birthday Bro. Enjoy 

    1. Eagles


      Thanks bro! I appreciate it

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