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  1. If you have no motivation or drive, step aside to make room for others.

  2. Step up or step down

    1. Muuvie


      Three hops this time.

    2. ASAP Baxter!

      ASAP Baxter!

      Slide to the left.

    3. Wolfy


      Cha Cha real smooth

  3. About 2 months since I've gambled, going strong... then I get an e-mail from the casino wanting to sponsor me to bring me back...

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    2. zoom


      They could be offering you fake money  to gamble with, which you would get to keep none of, if its real cash go for it :kreygasm:

    3. Tristan


      Do you, no one is stopping you 

    4. Ronduth


      If you start gambling again I will be resigning from RGN.   The rest of you need to not enable his addiction.  When Infernal is gambling he is useless to the community. 

  4. I'm back...

    1. Alex (TKTL)

      Alex (TKTL)

      Hi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. Portal2TheMoon


      you went somewhere?

    3. InfernalRage


      Hello and I will end you Bryan...

  5. Day 4 of being casino free... the struggle is real.

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    2. Muuvie


      As I reply to a 3 week old status. :P

    3. InfernalRage


      Lol it was 2 weeks free... but I'm back at it. Yeah, you are right. I got into investing years ago, but I never kept up. Going to start up a fake portfolio and see how it performs.

    4. Muuvie


      No. Fuck that, look at what i'm investing in and then do the opposite and you'll do great. i seem to have a knack of picking companies that are apparently on the brink of filing ch. 11. which is awesome.

  6. Time to get back on the daily grind.

  7. Hit the 2k follower mark on Twitch!

  8. Woooo that GSW vs Grizzlies game was a butt clencher. Had a bet for under 99 for the 2nd half and they were at like 93 in the last minute or so and scored a 25ft 3 pointer to put it at 96 in the last 45 seconds. Ended up winning though!!!

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