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  1. It looks pretty fun. I would just call this Altis Life though with how I used to drive
  2. Looks like Intel is making a run for the graphics card industry . Time to upgrade from HDXXXX to whatever they have to offer. It will be interesting to see how they can do against Intel and AMD. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2018/06/12/now-its-a-party-intel-officially-confirms-first-dedicated-gpu-by-2020
  3. @Syrenate I already have it on PC. I'll download it soon if you want to play with me. It won't take long.
  4. What is it? Can you link a video or some info?
  5. Thanks for the donation Ronduth and the name Rai is just fine!!!!!
  6. Hello everyone, This section of Reckless is dedicated to career and educational advice. This is meant to be a collaborative effort and to help people now and serve as a reference point for the future. I have outlined the basics of what this forum will cover and the basic rules. While the list is not extensive, all posts should remain on topic with career and educational advice. Feel free to reach out to me if you feel like you can help with career and/or educational advice. It's possible there will be an official "Mentor" or similar role to identify qualified individuals in the future. Rules Do NOT troll (this is a place for serious discussions) Do NOT post irrelevant posts (memes, off topic, etc.) Do NOT give recommendations or help if you aren't competent in the topic area Please be respectful of other people's time. Sometimes you won't get an immediate answer, so make sure you give as much time as you can for an answer. Career Advice General advice on various career paths Job application strategies Letters of recommendations Resume review Networking strategies Interview preparation (phone, video, and in-person) Collaboration on projects for advancing your career Help with a project in your company Educational Advice General advice on various educational paths Study tips for different different topics Homework and project help Next steps after completing your education
  7. Thanks for introducing yourself and welcome! Definitely come play some games with us and I've been thinking about picking Black Ops 3 back up for PC.
  8. Happy birthday @jamesshuler and @RawDawg95!
  9. While we recently had our last recruitment and promotion batch, we are doing another one so soon to reset the cycle and keep it consistent. Join me in congratulating our newest recruits and to all the promotions to community member! Also, keep an eye out on the applicants for the next recruitment cycle. Applicants @Connor @Wars Gift @Willy Recruit @Bacon @Big Blue/Reaper @William Ranger Community @John Falcon @mastablasta @Spatz @thebov Stay Reckless! Welcome and congratulations!
  10. It's pretty easy, fill in a very short application (less than 5 minutes), then wait for review, get applicant tags, don't do anything stupid, get recruit, and .

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