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  1. December Recruitment

    Congratulations on officially becoming a member of RGN!
  2. Bringing back Altis life?

    But all the community polls were against Altis Life @John Falconso we did listen to the community as well. Altis Life takes a tremendous amount of resources to manage and maintain. It was a decision that was fully thought out and was not rushed. We understand the ramifications, but we are a gaming community and not an Altis Life community. There are lots of games out there and a lot of members looking for others to play with. We are always trying to put up new servers so it's not like things have come to a halt here.
  3. Hello!

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay.
  4. multipoint recievers

    I was actually just looking for something similar. Except, I wanted a way to hardware switch the audio outputs from headphones to my bluetooth/aux speakers as opposed to software. Hopefully someone can post some suggestions.
  5. Merry Christmas

    Happy holidays!
  6. Hello everyone

    Welcome to RGN deewelch. Enjoy your stay!
  7. Donation - Rayden - 20.0!

    Thanks for the support @Rayden
  8. Riipaa here!

    Welcome! Nice to see some more EU people in here. Spread the word!
  9. Goodbye RGN!

    Welcome! You should be able to find a few people playing those games here. Discord is probably a quick way to find a group.
  10. Donation - Touri - 20.0!

    Thank you for your support @Touri!
  11. 20% off select Products using promo code: CYBERMONDAY17 and their Certified Refurbished sale is extended Monday Sale Happening Now!
  12. Happy birthday Zorah!

    A very very late happy birthday as well
  13. Rayden's Introduction

    Hey Rayden! Thanks for making an introduction. We'll figure out a way to lure the EU players to RGN. Also, I will be able to play Destiny 2 in a couple weeks again if you want to play.
  14. Lstolte

    Nice introduction! Thanks for saying hey and I'm sure I will see you on Destiny 2 with @Agonyand @Sethaand crew once I get some more time.