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  1. completed @UnorthodoX Sorry

    What Server were you banned from?: RGN Altis Life Who banned you?: [RGN] BeenJamminMon Why were you banned?: RDM/Shooting in HQ When were you banned?: 4/17/16 What is your in game name?: [GAF-M] Brian User ID: 76561198153596163 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned.: I believe I should be unbanned because I am very sorry for what I did.I understand now that I did in fact break server rules.I asked one of my gang members if it was okay and they did said yes so I thought infact it was okay to shoot but I now Know it was deffinetly not.I am sorry for not reading that part of the rules and I promise to not do that [email protected] I am very, very, very sorry for the RDM and Shooting in the HQ.I hope you understand and lift the ban.Thanks.