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  1. What Server were you banned from: teamspeakWho banned you: no ideaWhy were you banned: spammingWhen were you banned: no ideaWhat is your in game name: Icehole, follow GODhole (could be any)User/Player ID: zyyP83iQl96PFbFd/F4N3FUhrWI=Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: I honestly dont recall being banned. I tried to connect today and i was banned for "spamming" Exact ban msg: You are banned permanently. Reason: "Spamming"
  2. completed Icehole Ban Dispute

    @Agony LMAO
  3. What Server were you banned from: Arma 3 Altis Life Who banned you: idk, I think noms. Why were you banned: "You're not welcome in this community" When were you banned: Very long ago What is your in game name: GODhole (maybe Icehole) User/Player ID: 76561198144429272 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: I was in OP4 obviously, but I was not active when they were banned. I've heard the reason for my ban was because of me being in the in-game gang. (Not sure if that true or not, just going off rumor.) Thanks for your time, Icehole
  4. Casual's *OFFICIAL* Reintroduction

  5. Hi

  6. Fresh Start - Don't be strangers!

    meme cannon
  7. Goodbye

    l8r m8
  8. Goodbye & Farewell

    l8r dad
  9. I'm not late am I? Hi, I'm Thresh.

    Welcome back homie!
  10. if you don't know me you should im chuck

  11. computers/tech New Headset.

    Hyper X cloud 2s is what I use, great for cs.
  12. Peace

  13. Ill be back...... Someday

    Best of luck my dude... hope to talk to you again soon.
  14. Rivendark introducing ones self

  15. video CODE 8

    Enjoyed ever minute! I hope this become big.