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  1. What Server were you banned from: teamspeakWho banned you: no ideaWhy were you banned: spammingWhen were you banned: no ideaWhat is your in game name: Icehole, follow GODhole (could be any)User/Player ID: zyyP83iQl96PFbFd/F4N3FUhrWI=Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: I honestly dont recall being banned. I tried to connect today and i was banned for "spamming" Exact ban msg: You are banned permanently. Reason: "Spamming"
  2. I miss you<3

  3. Hyper X cloud 2s is what I use, great for cs.
  4. Best of luck my dude... hope to talk to you again soon.
  5. Enjoyed ever minute! I hope this become big.
  6. YESSS! I love this song so much! lol i only know it becuase its the music for the credits at the end of the spongebob movie... XD

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