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  1. can someone help me with discord perms 

  2. altis is dead. im sorry for your loss
  3. Sick CS Clip 


  4. who do i send sick clips 2 for a cool cs edit 


  5. I need a gank squad to play with on vanilla rust. Most of my friends get sick of the game to quickly and I need a group of dedicated guys or gals to play with. Post below if your down.
  6. Gonna buy PUBG so I can finally play with my friends so they'll stop fucking bugging me
  7. dawg i will spend HOURS hunting your ass down just you wait
  8. Just sayin if we get exile y'all bout to get fucked
  9. but your garbage at rocket league... :I
  10. Ocean

    wanted New mouse

    just download deathadder.exe and give it a double click, the aimbot on it works pretty good
  11. Just got some good puss

  12. Hello everyone! I have recently opened a graphics shop on sellfy to provide people with cheap graphics. Over the next few days I will be adding all kinds of stuff from twitter headers to twitch overlays in addition to the three products I already have on there. I will also be adding a line of reckless themed designs. Once up on the store they will be available for purchase. There will be a giveaway for the reckless designs once out so if you don't have the funds to purchase them you still have a chance of pimping out your social media. Requirements to Enter: Like this post Follow my sellfy account Follow my twitter Post a dank meme down below There will be 3 winners, once the giveaway is over the winners will recieve a discount code that gives you 100% off the reckless design you have won. Again please check out my store for cheap templates and quality designs, if you wish to have something custom feel free to contact me via the website.
  13. This giveaway will be active for one more week!
  14. Happy birthday my son, a memory to make you happy on your date of birth https://youtu.be/DBb1bqOdzBs @Alex (TKTL)
  15. Click here to follow me on twitter I'd really appreciate it. Who knows, you may be able to win your very own header......
  16. Forum Name: Ocean Active on Discord: Yes Team(s) Interested in joining: Gfx team which was previously run by yours truly
  17. Quit taking advantage of people, you just stated that someone can get the exact same accounts themselves for $5 and your charging $6-12. I honestly don't understand how this thread hasn't been locked / deleted. Make money the real way, a job, working hard, not scamming people who don't have knowledge.

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