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    Audio Technica AT2035 (Upgrade from Blue Yeti due to smaller noise gate)
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    Fractal Design CFM 120mm x12 + Water Cooling (PM If interested for full WC Specs)
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    I need a gank squad to play with on vanilla rust. Most of my friends get sick of the game to quickly and I need a group of dedicated guys or gals to play with. Post below if your down.
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    Gonna buy PUBG so I can finally play with my friends so they'll stop fucking bugging me
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    Just sayin if we get exile y'all bout to get fucked
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    but your garbage at rocket league... :I
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    Clip speaks for itself, im fucking insane. Skip to 1:20 for the cool stuff. Comment below how many times I orgasmed cheers

    So so true
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    for Christs sake