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  1. Back from the dead i guess! xDDD So i have had a film company for awhile, but i am testing out some new lens, etc and cameras. Tell me how this footage is, (Yes ik some clips aaren't sharp enough etc.) Tell me about the color grading, i think it is to like "greeny" but i need another eye. Comment below how you like it and what can be fixed! (This footage will never be "released" its just for a test.) https://youtu.be/Y588cUufS5E
  2. The smell of IPB 4 is like the stank you get while doing it in a car with the windows up. FUCKING awesome. Who else agrees. (Ty dev's i u.)
  3. Bro this video I made is getting hundreds of views and hour
  4. The comments are going crazy about don't go.
  5. I am not trying to prove she is like hostage etc. But i am trying to like prove what she whispered ya know.
  6. She could be getting used for money reasons. Go watch her videos from this week then from 1 month ago. Don't jump to conclusions.,
  7. marina Joyce is a youtuber with 600k subscribers. past week or 2 people have been saying she is acting weird. In her latest video fans and police started getting suspicious because of signs in the video. (Randoms hands, Bruises on her, etc.) and at 0:13 in her latest video it is reported to hear "Help me". Some people beleive it some dont. So i did audio editing and i proved she did say "Help me". It for her safety etc. As she might be giving clues for her in distress, (Hostage etc)
  8. So some people know about the Marina Joyce situation on how she might be in distress, Hostage etc. Some people don't believe she said help me. Today i edit the audio to PROVE she said it. EDITING BEGINS: 1:58 PROVEN LEGIT: 4:08 (ALOT BETTER QUALITY THEN PLAYING IN BEGINNING) TO UNDERSTAND THE STORY WATCH THIS VIDEO. DONT JUMP TO FUCKING CONCLUSIONS. http://www.ibtimes.com/what-happened-marina-joyce-youtuber-apparently-whispers-save-me-amid-abuse-drug-2394990
  9. 2016 Ford Flex - twin turbo -3.5L EcoBoost V6 Engine -365 horse power -350 torque -6 speed auto transmission. Got it brand new 0 miles for 60ish thousand forgot what we got it for but we dropped price for sure.
  10. Some of you may remember the song me and my friends made awhile ago called "Negative Numbers". Well today i am telling you it is finally the official release of it! It will be going out on ALL music sites including Spotify and ITunes in a few days! [soundcloud=80 00 00]271506015[/soundcloud] DL Link: http://musicunderground.wix.com/musicug#!isaiah/pkv4x Want your music on Spotify, ITunes etc? Contact me via steam! http://steamcommunity.com/id/brokenbones1
  11. Sup guys yo homie bones gunna make this thread. So this thread is basically a thread to brag about your day because i have nothing better to post. (Pictures, Videos, or just txt is tot cool) So today is my bday, and i spent it working with horses and teaching kids how to ride etc etc. Let us see what you did!
  12. Nice choice man. Make sure the anti-gun people don't see it. xD
  13. 4k is no where near optimized or used enough in games rn. And to be honest other then a slight sharpness increase their is no graphic difference internally between 4k and 1080p, just a bigger screen. You gotta take in mind every screen looks different, IPS screens are WAY sharper and nicer then a LED one, and doesn't give off a purplish tint.(I have this problem). But IPS-LED screens have perks too. Its all just preference. 1080p and 1440p is just were the market is rn. 4k will get their but for now stick with 1440p. 4k puts a strain on your pc in high graphic situations if your computer is like a barley 4k ready one. Not including trying to play arma 3, already a game you get shit frames in.
  14. U.S. Coast Guard shooting for a shotgun. Who knew.

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