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  1. sorry what? I can fly better than you. @Roz
  2. but they are also pub cops and people are new to being a cop or dont have experience so we as officers should teach them how to get better as a cop.
  3. whitelisted

    +1 he puts in a lot of time and knows basic RPD knowledge of becoming a CDT and knows server rules.
  4. -1 I have seen this officer in game, putting in time and trying to improve but others and my self think he needs more time to improve on basic RPD knowledge and server rules before he becomes a CDT.
  5. +1 I have watched a couple things on GTA RP and it seems like it would be awesome, its more of American thing so we will have actual cop car skins and more realistic cars in general. I would love to see RGN try to get a server up for it. I would play all the time.
  6. Yes sounds good to me. @Jack Reacher
  7. I will let you know by tmrw @Steel Talon
  8. Head Trainer - John Ruggiero Head Trainer - Garnet J. @SkyGuy32 Assistant - Andy @Andy27832 Assistant - Dino @Dino66 Trainee - Crenshaw @David Crenshaw Trainee - RudyG @SyCo OG Trainee - Albo @AlboGravity Trainee - Connor H. @Connor H. Trainee - Eggman @Eggman THIS IS FOR CDTS Be In TS 15 Minutes In Advance
  9. lol
  10. you should stay just looking at it then, never said it was perfect. said there was flaws which there was. @Chozzi I'm not going to waste my time talking to you, you weren't even there.
  11. this is the first time we have ever hosted a boot camp of course there was some flaws, but there will also be changes to it as we go along. You guys need to understand that things are not always perfect it takes time. we understand that there were errors and we will revise it.
  12. +1 great officer, I think she deserves a chance. old officer that knows the ropes of The RPD.

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