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  1. GTA V |

    @TjTragic not going to lie DO NOT buy it there, best to buy it on steam or get a STEAM CODE .
  2. completed John Ruggiero ts dispute

    What Server were you banned from: Who banned you: TS @YamiWhy were you banned: mic spam ( I yelled at a person ) even though someone else, not giving names started talking shit while holding a RGN rank. if you want the name pm me.When were you banned: 7/3/17What is your in game name: John RuggieroUser/Player ID: 76561198150056850Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned: well dont need a big explanation, I think there is no reason to why my ban was extended to 30 days then after telling this admin my side of the story he decides to extend it 60 more days or now a 90 day ban, I just dont see why it was extended 60 more days because I told my side of the story. I would just like a explanation to why it was extended thats all. I shouldnt of been banned in the first place considering someone else started this conflict.
  3. whitelisted abl da Lakis RPD Application

    +1 he puts in a lot of time and knows basic RPD knowledge of becoming a CDT and knows server rules.
  4. GTAV RP?

    +1 I have watched a couple things on GTA RP and it seems like it would be awesome, its more of American thing so we will have actual cop car skins and more realistic cars in general. I would love to see RGN try to get a server up for it. I would play all the time.
  5. G4S Private Military (RECRUITING)

  6. May | Recruitment and Promotions

    gratz everyone!!!
  7. Possible Federal Reserve Rules

    This will not work, that first rule is just going to restrict rebels game play if they want to do that let them, all that means is the cops got out played by a smart group of rebels.
  8. Happy Birthday Ronduth!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Ronduth!!!!!!!
  9. John Ruggiero [RPD], Trooper Wallace [RPD] - Bad Cop

    @Silenthitter we wanted to give you a reduced ticket because of the amount of time it took.
  10. New RPD intelligence rule

    @Bob Hoss like wtf, why is this rule. please just stop. -1
  11. New RPD intelligence rule

    this is by far the dumbest rule I have ever heard of for a RP server, I don't think names float above your head IRL. -1
  12. birthday

    Happy birthday bud
  13. [TAC] The Altis Cabal

    nice gang 2nd place BUT +++++++++++++++111111111111111111111111111111
  14. Iffrits Should Initiate Lethal Roleplay

    this is different though, that rule stated above is to protect civilians life's, if the ifrit is not doing anything illegal and there is just someone driving it why would it be kos if they are not threatening peoples lives.
  15. Iffrits Should Initiate Lethal Roleplay

    this is not a KOS server friend.