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  1. bush Wookie best way to win
  2. 1 year and 1 day

    1. G. Crooks

      G. Crooks


  3. Good luck preacher. Hit me up when you hit tampa I live in pinellas right across the intracoastal
  4. 3 hours of sleep and a closing shift at work... I got this. *sips coffee and Redbull*

  5. Fucking shoot me.... with a knife... in the dick.... 6 times

    1. Dino66


      someone needs a selfie stick nude

    2. G. Crooks
  6. IB4 i go inactive cause of work and school

  7. I'm capable to do so but the individuals need to come to me to discuss what they want
  8. So i talked with a sennheiser rep when i was at a distributor convention for D&H when i was working for my uncle over the summer and he said the parts in that headset are the same shit they use in the ones that they made for ATC if that speaks anything for you
  9. Ill be on if you wanna play my dude
  10. @Casual you are trash. glad you are back

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