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  1. Introduction - Laferrari/Laf

    If you came back to play Altis Life, you might be disappointed to know that the server is no longer around and there aren't plans to bring it back. Regardless, welcome back!
  2. Hello sir, I am interested in some non-sexual relations. If you are interested, please DM me and we can move forward.



    Thank you,

    MajorKitty's brother.

  3. The best ramen

    When compared to the fake food that North Korean restaurants serve to look good for the Western tourists that don't steal propaganda posters, this can be considered the best. Compared to anything else that exists and is edible though, eeeeeeeeeeh i dunno bout that one bud
  4. Golf With Your Friends 7/27/17


  5. lugmao kekistan

  6. LG G5 Battery Drains Fast

    Is the new battery an OE replacement or is it third party? Also, did this happen immediately or gradually over time? If it happened immediately, there could be some background process that is running the battery down and not being detected somehow. Have you installed any new apps lately around the time you noticed the issue? If not, it sounds like normal battery wear and replacing it with a factory replacement should/should have fixed it.
  7. butter noodles

    that's some gore may looking kwazeen there man, bone apple teeth
  8. These guys specs are a killer 

  9. Su?️reme David™