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  1. Wag 1

  2. Thanks so much Miatch!
  3. Mordecai is my friend Im taking him under my wing thats full of hair
  4. I wanted to be a astronaut as a kid lol that never happend anyway not living the dream but happy with life
  5. Introduction

    my mans timbo
  6. Age: 28 Experience: I have my fair share of minecraft never got into modding just want to try it out with some of you guys Username: Marsendji
  7. Chapter 2 Map development Contest

    Good job
  8. researching Stealing kidneys

  9. Chapter 2 Map development Contest

    Trading stations 1. 2. 3. 4. Night/Day I had to add a few lights
  10. Chapter 2 Map development Contest

    Does it matter how big it is ?
  11. Altis Life I miss you

    ehhhh idk bout dat
  12. Altis Life I miss you

    idk about that LPRS or DMS
  13. Altis Life I miss you

    what about butter corp goats hmm hmm? #bringbackBC
  14. Altis Life I miss you

    3 rebel outposts 7.62s please make it where if you die or go to jail you loose your rebel license Ifrit at reasonable price to Benched heli at reasonable price move salt back to where it was go back to the old money system thats what I would go back to but we need a money sink Some things we could go over is weapon crafting as a money sink one thing we could try is that 7.62 is only craftable you buy the gun parts and you buy the metal / mine for it to craft mags Or we could making a special perk system where after you complete the list of the perk that you want from regular perk points it goes to a money sink option if you dont want to spend money you dont have to but if you want your perks even better you sink more money into it. So lets say if you unlock lock picking all the way and its at 50% but you want it higher but the standard perk system wont go above 50% you could invest lets say around 5 mil it will go to 60% and so on and on personally I think since we have this perk system we could try something like this so after you complete the system with the points you get for lvling up we could go to money I dont feel like reading over this so just try to figure out what I typed up
  15. Reckless Life Overhaul thoughts

    Please bring it back I miss it so much