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  1. H3X

    Good ram?

    @ZorahI already told him to make that thing in PCPartPicker, but he has a prebuilt so he doesn't know how to do any of that. @keatonliterally just buy any RAM that's DDR3 or 2133MHz or something.
  2. I recently got sent this and am now wondering what our overall "promoting of other communities' servers" rule is.
  3. I have this M+KB combo for both of my PCs. They are temporary until I get really nice ones of course. http://a.co/dxx7bVG
  4. Here's what I'll say: 1. You need to stop eating a large amount of carbs, such as bread. You need them to get easy-to-access energy so you still have to eat some. 2. Don't think eating a ton of meat will help. Meat is good, but some meats have a large amount of fat that can outweigh the benefits of its protein. 3. You don't have to eat desert. Want that chocolate pie slice at a restaurant? BOOM 600! calories. You can still eat deserts every once in a while 4. Moderation is key. This is the H3X guide to not exercising and not gaining weight, hope you enjoyed.
  5. Oh yeah! I'll have you know I'm an honorary Silver Elite!
  6. I think you're looking for this.
  7. There's no other useful information here.
  8. Thorvald, in order to clear up your point you mean to say that everyone just used to play RP, and that no one felt the need to break it? I have to disagree with you on the fact that you can use names above heads to lookup peoples bounties and what-not because it bothers me insanely when a cop tells me to put my hands up for no reason and I end up going to jail because of it.
  9. Thankyou people who realize that taking trackers off is completely allowed, in a response to Lewis Parker saying that there are so many places for a GPS, then what about cops that arrest me because they have a picture of my face in their car, or ones have a camera that recognized my face. If you are trying to stick to RP, do so with the things that you do. By the way, in another role play situation a person could completely wrap the car in copper mesh, rendering ALL radio signals ineffective. Copper mesh is light, able to be rolled into tubes, and is see through. A person could completely wrap their car in mesh, even one layer of it and still have it be fully functional. One may say in their defense, "But there's no copper mesh item in Arma 3! There not even one in the Altis Life mod itself!" My answer to this is, did you put a GPS in your car yourself? BTW there is a copper mine (I think). Anyway the entire point of this was not to become an argument where the cops say they get things and what-not or that Rebels/civs do. The point of this is to have the cops have a talk about valid RP and what to do in certain situations.
  10. Yesterday, I was playing on the Altis Life server when David Chlo, who was playing as a Rebel stole a Highway Patrol Car. Of course, a cop was on his way soon, this cop (I believe John) was killed by David Chlo. David, in order to get the cops to stop chasing him, David Chlo told the Police that he had taken the GPS out of the car. After John is revived the John begins chasing down David again (we believe he used the "keying" method, in which you check the distance to the car/house/whatever by going to the keychain tab. John eventually killed David after this and most of the cop for chase him down. This is the story about how John broke RP, there are also other cops that do this. I really wish that these cops would RP better, which will make the server much more enjoyable. Thank you for listening.

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