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  1. Im selling a set of airsoft gear for $75 has helmet,metal wired half mask , googles, and a vest. Im also selling an elgato for $25 Instead of cash can you get me an amazon gift card codes
  2. He joking he was in TBH to lol and thank you everyone who has welcomed me to the community.
  3. Hi, I'm Sammy The Seal or Carlos Lopez in game I haven't put in an introduction before so yea. I have been in this community for over a year now. I created my profile back in March of 2016 but I have play in this server Since either September or October of 2015. I also played GSN a couple times. I have had many other Name in the past like zombies7675 and Cesar Hernandez ( I think I have for Cesar Hernandez). Ive been in gangs like [IM] [KGR] and [TBH] and my current gang [pC-] I know I that most of these gangs have bad rep like [IM] but I am a person who hasn't got banned for anything in those gangs because I don't like to do wrong things. If I accidentally kill you or don't give you enough time I will comp you because I understand that I was my fault and Ill own up to it. I'm a pretty chill guy and like to make lots of jokes.In game and if I rob you or kill you don't take it personally. Im usually just doing nothing or out getting chased by cops. If you guys would like to play with be message me and I message you back when I can. Hope to see you guys all in game and stay Reckless. (Not literally)
  4. I was thinking about this but I would like to see the Altis life server become a public server and reckless make a new server that is an modded life server that has that has the lakeside map that would be whitelisted
  5. @Deathview_games good video but very disappointed that I was not in the video. LOL jk
  6. Good lucky everyone. Been wanting to get this game to play with my friends and with the community since its been hot lately.
  7. @SpecialKillerJ yea thats why I was asking the community for some help. @Jack Reacher @Death Thanks for the suggestion will look at it. @Ronduth That looks like a cool laptop and specs look good also. @Zilla0926 I already built a desktop. And thanks for the advice.
  8. @TjTragic don't have a price range rn just see what would be the best to buy rn. @SpecialKillerJ I already have a PC right now just want one to have one when ever i won't be able to play game.
  9. Was wondering if anyone know if there are any good gaming laptops that are able to run Arma 3 and some other games like Rainbow Six Siege, GTA 5, Sorry if this post is in the wrong place.
  10.  Vato Loco! 

    1. Sammy The Seal

      Sammy The Seal

      Are you being racist Kam just because im Mexican doesn't  mean you have the right to say that. I think I would like to file a report on your for being Racist. Can't believe a community member would say something like that. uGH

    2. Kam
    3. Sammy The Seal

      Sammy The Seal

      Vatos locos or MS13

  11. Why is ur profile pic a train?? 

    1. Jack Reddington

      Jack Reddington

      Because he be running trains on hood rats xdddddd

    2. Smash
    3. Sammy The Seal

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