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  1. I hate to see this community die the way it is. This is something that could bring this community back to life, I mean lets face it the website gets maybe 10-20 people on it a day compared to the amounts it used to get back when arma was here. Ya I know it was a lot of drama and bs but hey it was some of the funnest times of my life, It really breaks my heart to see this community end up like this. I think you guys should give it a shot, it may not suite your interest but if it's what the community wants and needs to stay on the map I really think it's what needs to happen. But hey i'm not the big man in charge but its just my thoughts as to things I would do if I were the leader. Lately after reading some post in this topic it seems to me as if you guys don't want the community anymore seems like you guys would rather take the easier route and just tell the true people that want to revive this community to just go someplace else. But hey that doesn't matter you guys do as you feel is best for the community.
  2. I know my say doesn't mean a whole lot but here is my suggestion, I would recommend bring back Altis during the winter months as that is when most people are indoors with nothing better to do as it is cold outside. Once spring comes around and the server starts to die take it down for the summer and bring it back next winter. As most people have other things to do in the summer months it never last long when the server is up in those months.
  3. Thank you for clearing that up @Ocean I could have swore it was still living.
  4. I completely understand all of your reasons in not bringing it back. But I myself am much like @John Falcon I always come back to the community with hopes of one day seeing post saying Altis coming soon. Much like he had stated there will never be a game quite as good that can replace all the good fun we have had on Altis Life. Without Altis life this community to me just seems like a friend group. I love RGN to death but ever since we lost the server it just seems like the community is abandoned. Whenever I join the ts server i just see a few people throughout playing games but nothing like it used to be where you could always find dozens of people willing to play with you. Nothing will ever be able to replace the Altis Life that we love all the drama, reports, and suggestion topics it just seems so empty with out them. Arma is just a game that everyone seems to take at heart and everything they work for on the game seems personal and no other game will ever be able to replace it. But overall I understand your stand points, but I'd love for you guys to always keep it in mind as I do believe that it could really bring back great fun if it was just a winter server as it seems to lose interest in the summer months, which is understandable. I believe that if a server is to be brought back it should mainly be posted in the winter to save money over the summer and it can keep every one interested with a break and bring back great interest in the winter months. Thanks for taking your time to read my thoughts. If you ever decide to bring one back and need some help let me know I'd be more than willing to help you guys out Thanks, Keaton
  5. Now i'm not sure where the best place would be to put this topic but i'll just throw it here why not So I haven't been around in quite sometime, I sure some of you may remember me from the old server. Now I know all good things come to a end but this was some great times that i'd love to get backup and running. So what are everyone's opinions on bring back Altis life? Just out of curiosity I know it is not my decision on servers that are bought in this community but i'm just kinda curious on what you all think? I'd love to see RGN come together again and put a server up as it has been great success in the past with some good management and things to do it really seems to make this community like no other. Also, while we are on the topic if a server were ever to be brought back what would you guys like to see? For example, activities to do, designs, things to be implemented, etc. As I stated before this is not my decision to bring a server back but i'm just curious to see what you guys think as it has been great fun in the past, as this server tops all other. Ever since RGN shut down AL I've been missing it like crazy as I can never find a server to call home quite like RGN was. But in reality Altis life is what gave this community the great name it has today. Not my video but in remembrence of all the great times we have had. Thanks for reading and please give your thoughts down below as I'd love to hear them
  6. @David_Chlo that would probably work better considering the issues I already have with this pc
  7. Im absolutely horrible with checking compatibility so ill look into some DDR3 ram then thanks guys
  8. So I've been wanting to switch out the ram i currently run. Specs CPU Intel I5 4690k CPU Cooler Corsair Hydro H60 Motherboard Gigabyte GA-B85-HD3 Storage 2TB Harddrive Video Card MSI Geforce GTX 970 Power Supply Corsair CX600 I'm looking for something good to go with this, and I was looking to upgrade to 16 gigs of ram. I was looking at Corsair Vengeance LPX but wanted to get a few other opinions before I purchase anything. https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Vengeance-3000MHz-Desktop-Memory/dp/B0134EW7G8/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1495904180&sr=8-4&keywords=16+gigs+of+ram Thanks, Keaton
  9. I'd join this but much like @Al Hoff I'm not sure I can play this game much more I've redownloaded it several times and It just never last for me:(
  10. Best of luck man hope it all works out for you
  11. @Turtles Dolphins > Turtles

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