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  1. Re-Introduction

    Welcome back man good to see you.
  2. Marketing Department

    Forum Name: Michael S. Active on Discord: Yes Team(s) Interested in joining: Graphics Team
  3. Overwatch Giveaway!!!

    CSGO is my main team based fps and I am usually the entry man
  4. completed Conan: Exiles Giveaway

    My character is going to just be there for comedic relief.
  5. Arma III Wasteland


    I am pumped for this it is going to be great!!!!!!
  6. Hello

  7. William Ranger

    Welcome back to RGN!!!
  8. Hey guys, Im back!

    Welcome back!
  9. Noms' Work Desk (ACTUAL WORK)

    Love the laptop looks nice but a little hard to use.
  10. SomeoneYouLike's Setup Tour!

    Nice setup man
  11. Hoff #2 Gaming Dojo & Retirement

    Wish I had a area to make something like this. It looks awesome by the way.
  12. Hello Once Again!

    Welcome back!
  13. I'm backk

    Welcome back!
  14. I'm back

    Hello everyone, none of you probably remember me but I became part of this community a while ago then kinda just fell out of it but I am back now and super excited for what is to come!!!
  15. Michael S.