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  1. WeLlComE! Hope you enjoy it
  2. I jerked off with a rough tree branch to easily
  3. @RonduthI was hesitant about getting it because it looked so bland like you said but its now become one of the main games I have played since Arma/R6. Just dont play with Cole he cyberbullies you. - You can spectate and its only a little glitchy -If you are out of the zone you arent fucked over immediately -Weapons are balanced and each one has its perks (Shotguns are actually useful in a game) -Weapon attachments do help -More medical supplies each performing a different effect. -Combat is realistic but has just enough of that arcade style to make it fun. -Simple -Pretty much Short and Sweet -Adrenaline Pumping -Devoted devs looking to add more game modes and other features such as another map.
  4. Happy Birthday Jennifer4300! 

  5. Life is like a penis. It gets hard after something exciting-

    1. Agony
    2. Marsendji


      Life is like a penis its long and hard

  6. Why don't you go shoot people through reeds a click out ya bongo
  7. #Whyisthisweekgoingsofuckingslowthanks

  8. Well you would multiply 5 times the denominator (5) which equals 25. Then you add that to the numerator (32) which is 57. So the new fraction would be 57/5, or 11.4. Im not sure how the computer got you that, did you use the google calculator cause that worked for me? Wow you are in a more advanced math class than him, thanks for sharing as Im sure this helps him with the issue he is having at HIS level.
  9. For the point slope part, you can plug in any of the points. So you could of plugged in 1 and 3 I think I hate math so

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