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  1. completed PUBG Game Giveaway

  2. completed PUBG Game Giveaway

    This is a hard one but what I love about July is going to the gym and traveling to my country. Can't get any better then that. GRIND MONTH
  3. I Love You

    1. AlboGravity
    2. andrew1


      Didn't want to seem rude 

  4. Fuck You

    1. Tristan
    2. andrew1


      @Tristan lol was testing something out.

  5. i miss altis

    Ryan stick to one thing lol do you want Tanoa or Altis. Altis all the way baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i miss altis

    I understand our community isn't that great in followers but there is also a lot of people wanting to play Altis life. Out of any of our servers Altis life is the one we are known for and Altis life brings in all kinds of new followers. Thank you for reconsidering the vote. (;
  7. i miss altis

    I'm going to have to go on the side of Altis for this reason any day anytime if you had a Malden and Altis server the Altis server would kill the Malden server. So this is what I think we should [email protected] back Altis and watch what happens completely new start in Altis would bring people in from everywhere. Ever since Malden launched I've stopped playing on reckless for this one reason Malden. Of course I'll find my way back to reckless be I'd rather it be a Altis reckless server. Just a thought of mine hope Ronduth keeps it in mind.?
  8. Mav's Intro

    Welcome Maverick Congratulation on the fatherhood.
  9. Donation - korax $5.01

    Thanks @korax
  10. Billy Bob's Introduction

    Welcome billy bob ??
  11. Andrew's ban app

    [b]What Server were you banned from:[/b] tanoa/altis/teamspeak/discord/etc [Teamspeak] [b]Who banned you:[/b] hoff/unknown/etc [unknown] [b]Why were you banned:[/b] rdm/trolling/micspam/etc [moved someone by accident when i was going down the patrol channels] [b]When were you banned:[/b] past week/august 8th/etc [3 minutes ago] [b]What is your in game name:[/b] lon johnson/tomas/etc [andrew] [b]User/Player ID:[/b] [b]Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned:[/b] my explanation of the experience/etc unbanned:[/b] my explanation of the experience/etc [ I was going down the patrol channels looking for a channel with no one in it I moved someone by accident and out of nowhere i get banned for moving people without authority] @TheMindDoctor
  12. .

  13. Expansion of RGN

    I think a Rust server would be a cool reckless server
  14. Donation - MiAtch $220.00

    thanks for the support @MiAtCh
  15. Hello! I am Thetombomb.