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  1. Aw shit. We need Battlefield server back!
  2. That game is so stupid. But I seem to be the only person on this universe that feels that way.
  3. Why'd you have the same exact picture as @Deathview_games
  4. Who then promoted Baxter to Patrol Officer <3.
  5. Ehh looks too good..... One thing as a pub cop that motivating is looking forward to the cool stuff you can wear as a RPD member. Plus Public Safety is supposed to be separated from RPD slightly to my understanding and the blue uniform really shows that. However I wouldn't be against it. BTW you can do a poll on a post rather than linking one.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/FhaxZ
  7. What about your quinceanera?
  8. You better invite me to your Bar Mitzvah.
  9. Lol. I was an Altis Admin on Epix and I can guarantee you it didnt go down due to an NLR rule.

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