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  1. GTA RP Server Feedback

    FiveM is expected to have 64 man servers by the end of the year.
  2. GTA RP Server Feedback

    The whole idea of GTA RP is to build a character (or multiple characters) and RP it. Having a trainer completely negates the idea of continuity. What you're suggesting, and what DOJ is, is a completely different kind of server. They have specific events where they get on and play; the server isn't up all the time. Also, DOJ doesn't have a full trainer access for everyone last I heard; they restricted it to admins after people abused it. I agree, the current server is grindy, but I still suggest we allow people access to all those tool, but not through a trainer. Have the income entirely salary based to reward those who play a lot, and have pay based on jobs that people RP. Then, allow people to purchase vehicles to use in their RP, not just the ones in game currently but other ones such as Taco Trucks, Semi Trucks, etc. RP vehicles. There are already almost all NPC models available, that plus every car accessible; what else would you need to RP anything?
  3. GTA RP Server Feedback

    @Chow @daffy could we get an auto restart system? Would probably fix these issues. There's a simple one I've come across here https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-server-auto-restart/2183
  4. Armored Truck Job

    Have an Armored Truck job where somebody drives a truck around a picks up money from banks, gas stations, etc and returns to Union Depository. Could also implement a way to rob said armored truck.
  5. So we had the server going well for a few weeks, but recently it has slowed down. What is everyone's feedback from the server so far? Why did everyone stop playing? What needs to be changed? Let us know what you think of the server so that we can address it.
  6. Snow during December

    Pretty self explanatory. Enable snow on the server for the month of December. I'm suggesting this now, so that if this happens there can be adequate time to figure out how. I've seen it on other servers, and it's typically a very easy change in singleplayer
  7. Helmet control

    This would be a cool idea, but for mods on the server you need to find specific FiveM mods, or non script mods. Most of the FiveM mods are going to be on their website hidden in the forums, at least that I've found.
  8. Hello!

  9. Missing cars

    Are you sure you didn't leave it out? If you left it out, It could have been blown up by somebody.
  10. The Motorcycle conundrum

    There are other issues with bikes beyond speed in terms of cop baiting. Ramping off cop cars with a wheelie, driving circles around a cop car until they turn their lights on, etc. These are all cop baiting regardless, and are things that aren't uncommon. There's one other issue here. Cop baiting and Fail RP are two separate rules. Even if it would be realistic, cop baiting isn't allowed on the server. So just because you saw a youtube video of someone revving their engine next to a cop to get them to chase him, doesn't mean you can do it on the server. Not actually saying you do, but you get my point.
  11. The Motorcycle conundrum

    Actually, people aren't complaining about bikes, they're complaining about super cars. I have yet to hear 1 complaint about bikes. Also with those stats you're failing to recognize that a large portion of departments have a no chase policy for bikes and traffic offenses. And like peanut states. The fail RP is driving 125 through the city, not the highway.
  12. I like this idea, but I don't think we have a large enough base for it. There are a few people that would want a hardcore RP server (myself included) but would we have enough for 2, right now? I think right now we need to focus on developing this one server. Once it gets up and running, then perhaps look into a second server. I agree with a lot of people, that there is still the altis life grind for drugs and such. Perhaps what we should do is have an entirely salary based economy. People apply for jobs and then get a salary based on their job. This allows them to still make money, but also have more freedom to go RP vs doing drug runs. Make it so that the way to make more money and get better jobs is through RP, not grinding. I think this is the problem we have right now; the economy. People treat it like GTA Online or Altis Life because it has the same economy as GTA Online and Altis Life. Maybe shake things up a bit? Have jobs people apply for on the forums, maybe even interview for and then they all have salaries which allow them to RP as they see fit.
  13. Cop cars spawn with a red pearlescent [NON URGENT]

    I have actually noticed this with the Charger and the Tahoe. I haven't seen it on everything, but it is on those two.
  14. Crashes injure you

    Simple enough, if you crash your car it injures you. If you crash going 100mph, you should die or be knocked out. Not enough people roleplay getting in car accidents, and I think this would help it a lot.
  15. Server Desync

    I can't say I noticed a ton of desync last night. There was a little bit for maybe 5 min while I raced somebody around the freeway in our brand new cars, but I was on all night until there were 3 people and it didn't heavily desync for me or the other person i was with.