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  1. Whats up deadbones :P

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR1XJvczAq4&feature=youtu.be
  3. Everyone pretty much covered it but heres my take: Cardio is HUGGEEEEEEE- Swimming is probably my go to: great practice for breathing control, im sure youll be running alot too so swimming will be a great relief for your knees/ankles and you'll be pretty be using all muscle group. Supplements: I wouldnt use any YET. I would give it like 30 days or a few weeks (or enough to be in decent shape) before thinking about using any supplements. That way you can actually test yourself, then when you do start using supplements and see gains youll be even more motivated to keep going. (Protein is a must, you can start taking that right away) Get a work out buddy - it gives me extra motivation whenever I workout with someone, give each other motivation and youll ALWAYS have a spotter. 2nd best advice that I have to give- like what iComeJustInWhite almost said- MUSCLE confusion is hugggeeeeeeeeee. I know you already have a regiment in mind but P90x series is great when it comes to switching up your routines. torrent that shit. Best advice i have to give- record everything, record the weight, reps, miles ran, your actual weight. You probably wont SEE any progress since you see yourself everyday, but when you have stuff written down and see that your going up weight/more reps youll be like WHOA dude. Stay motivated man, each day that you work out is one step closer to achieving a healthier self. “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.†- Socrates
  4. (as of this post 7/4/2016 will mark) 1,000 more days until I turn 30 and I am starting my countdown. I usually am the one giving life advice, but this time I'd like to hear what y'all have to say. For anyone who has already turned 30, got any life advice? What did it feel like when you turned 30? Is there anything that I should look forward to? For anyone around my age (or 25+) what do you hope to accomplish by the time you turn 30? For all you young ones, where do you see yourself when you turn 30? Honestly, ever since I hit 21 time just flew by and with a blink of an eye BOOM 27 already and nearing the end of my 20's. Days felt like it was only a couple hours long, Months felt like a week long, and a year felt it was only a few months. Like right now I cant believe its already July of 20-fucking-16, I swear it felt like I just celebrated New Years last night lol. Ive done everything that I could possibly want to do plus more (as far as my career). Same with my personal life, traveled to places that I wanted to visit, done ALOT of things for the first time, regained my love for video games. The only thing I havent done is get married and start a family but I personally don't feel like Im at that stage yet- asides I dont really see myself getting married to my current girlfriend. As each day passes, Ive been asking myself, what do I do with myself when I turn 30?
  5. Oh for real? How would that work since Ark disabled data transfers like back in February. If it's true, imma take my quetz, bronto, rex, beaver, anky
  6. Welcome, nice to see you on ark. Hope to come across you in game!!!
  7. Fuck I'm on my phone so it's hard to comment on. But ight. I was jw cuz I got that was blank for me
  8. hey question man, thats cool that you have that stuff blacked out on your Analytics but what usually goes there? for some reason im missing that section on my channel.
  9. what everyone said, and if your still having trouble set up a hotkey. I pretty much did everything that everyone suggested at the time from turning on the Anti Cheat Compalibitly hooking (helped me when on full screen), to trying out windowed and game capture mode. When that didnt work and I was still recording a black screen, I set up a hot key and it started working
  10. anyone catch the new Zelda game. im seriously thinking about getting a wii u now lol
  11. Last time i won something was back in 2nd grade for a free slice of pizza. It was our first math quiz and she stressed all week about carefully reading the instructions. The instructions after writing your name was "pretend to scribble for 5 mins then turn your quiz over and you will get a a free slice of pizza"

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