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  1. rpd test

    +1 I patrolled multiple times with this officer as a pub. He has showed he is mature and stands far and above the "typical" public officer. Would make a fine addition to the RPD.
  2. @AultD One possible solution is for EMS to not just sit in Kavala. The last five times I have died out east EMS is simply in Kavala. If it is under martial law why not go out and support the other individuals of Altis?
  3. @KillerMaverick7 Welcome and as others have stated thank you for your serverice. Glad to see another former sloth come find a home here! The people and community are amazing. What name did you go by? Kindly, Draxt
  4. To channel my inner @jamesshuler you guys are all dumb and should be fired or suspended. Talk about a misuse of government funds. To think I see an RPD LT in there and ooh wait I see James himself!
  5. @tntRL Thank you for the support for the community!. Kindly, Draxt
  6. @KillerMaverick7 Thank you for the support. -Draxt
  7. @Rainwater24 Thank you for the donation man. People like you keep us around! Kindly, Draxt
  8. @Neil Hanson Thank for your support man. I'm glad your loving the server! -Draxt
  9. @Rick James Thank you for your support. -Kindly, Draxt
  10. @sjchris408 Thank you for your support man! -Kindly, Draxt
  11. @Jacob Rogers TY for your support. Im glad you have found a new home!
  12. Welcome! Glad to have you around. I look forward to seeing you in game. -Draxt
  13. Welcome! Hope to see you around. -Draxt
  14. Welcome man! Glad to have you around.
  15. @Jerome Carter Thank you for your continued support we would not have RGN to call home without people like you! Have had some truly fun times playing with you thus far. -Draxt

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