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  1. Introduction

    Welcome hope you enjoy your gaming experience!
  2. Im just recently back I will work on getting an updated one or more likely finding an updated one
  3. Intro ft. McBlyat

    Welcome, glad to see you. Our Arma III Life server as you may know is shut down. However, we have a great GTA V RP server if you'd like to check it out. It is a LOT more focused on actual RP rather than purely killing. Kindly, Draxt
  4. Bittersweet Thank You

    TMD sad to see you go but, thank you for your future service. You are a great guy and I wish you the best of luck in your endeveors. Once you get the chance would love to see you back! Thanks, Aaron
  5. Late Introduction

    Welcome good sir. Hope to see you around!
  6. Type 115 For Civs

    Currently, the way the weapons are allocated is for balance and exclusivity. The RPD has the Type115 which is the equivalent to the Khatiba. The 7.62's are allocated in order to give each side there own. The RPD has the Black MX/MXM while the rebel have the camo colored ones. This helps to ensure that abuse / exploiting the transfer of weapons does not occur. Kindly, Draxt
  7. Steve Combat log

    @Scratch As I have spoken to Steve and we have either attempted to speak to yourself or get full questions answered which you did not this report will be closed. As to your individual situation which you refer to and bring up. Their are major differences than a one time happening in which it was owned up to and admins were approached about vs the repetitive nature in which yours have occurred as shown by the multiple documented infractions. Closing Case -Draxt
  8. Steve Combat log

    @Scratch Are you free to talk on TS? I understand your view of that issue. Can you please send a link of that ban? In addition please answer the other questions that were asked above. -Draxt
  9. Steve Combat log

    @Scratch May I ask, did you attempt to talk with Steve regarding your concern on this issue prior to reporting it? You show the logs in the screenshot but even as stated you do not know what was going on? As it has been stated what went on regarding this do you still wish to continue this report? I would also like to inquire as to the reason behind this report. Sure you saw the two things in the chat log but were you involved with Steve in anyway during the situation? @Steve You fully know better then this. Not even looking at the accused "combat log" issue at hand. Why would you screw around like that as you state? I will be on all afternoon if you would like to come speak regarding this situation. Kindly, Draxt
  10. RPD meeting for public will last 1hr then normally meet with those promoted after to discuss roles and expectations of each. Also, we have the Fantasy Football Draft at 5:00pm CST -Draxt

    ONE MORE SPOT!!!! https://football.fantasysport...05&ikey=80105f137c18a4f6
  12. Katiba for cops?

    Honestly, the Khatiba as set is a rebel based gun. However, the RPD does have something EXTREMELY similar in the T115. Draxt
  13. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xna1JUMk-eGdJmLu075ErEhTvK_vBegR2D4MDJjEhfM/edit?usp=sharing
  14. Razzy - Introduction

    @Razzy Welcome!, glad to have you and I hope you enjoy your stay. Kindly, Draxt
  15. Jake - He Returns.

    Welcome @Jake I hope you enjoy your stay! -Kindly, Draxt