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  1. Draxt

    Hey! I'm Nanu!

    Howdy! Welcome kind sir!
  2. TY for the continued support! Kindly, Draxt
  3. Hellz yea TY for supporting RGN! Kindly, Draxt
  4. Hellz yea TY for supporting RGN! Kindly, Draxt
  5. What is your standard Taco Bell order?
  6. Congratulations to our new recruits! Permissions are being updated so if you don't have your Forums, Discord, and TS permissions in the next 24 hours, please let me know! Recruit @Rayden @Timber @KeepKoopBush Welcome Back to RGN @William Ranger If you are confused about our ranking structure, please check our information thread here: https://recklessnetwork.com/about-rgn/ Link to our make an application: https://recklessnetwork.com/forum/345-reckless-network-member-application/ If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, about why you weren't recruited or promoted - please don't hesitate to reach out and I will talk with you one on one.
  7. @Dytox I am doing extremely well today. Saw Starwars a 2nd time, spent day with my girlfriend.... all great things! @Agony Cats or dogs? Yes depends on trainingPurple or Blue? PurpleWhy is purple better than blue? Cause its not primaryWhat time is it?10:04pmWhy do baboons shave their butt's ? cause easy accessIf the moon was pink do you think the sun would be brown? No it would be redWhat is your favorite type of noodle? Glass @Lstolteconsidering games only, what is your guilty pleasure... what game do you hate to admit that you enjoy playing? Catan on phone app... BEST POOPGAME EVER What is the most important event you didn’t attend or maybe you bailed out on because of your gaming obligations? Multiple parties, dinners with family, left christmas dinner early to raid wow. @mav2003 ping me... prob shouldnt say ... @Lstolte Pinto @Razzy Whats she look like? @SpecialKillerJ Smarties DEF! @Lstolte Cremation @Ronduth In Wow server first Ragnaros Kill think we were 17th US @John FalconI am DRAXT Dont recall sadly! @Simon Dont have my spirit animal... Retired with 3mill in bank wife and 2 kids! @Lstolte flour or corn tortillas? Flour shoes or barefoot? Shoes onions on a burger? NO Do you put your cake in a bowl, pour milk on it and eat it with a spoon? Nope Futbol or American Football? American Football do you like baseball? YES GO YANKEES have you ever shit your self because you where mid boss fight? no... Married? Not Yet kids? Not that i know of How many teeth do you have? All What surgeries have you had if any? 3 Do you take all of your cloths off to poop? sometimes... @MoneyB What is your favorite thing about RGN? The bonding and friendships I have made. Ability to play a varity of games with so many people. The open arms leadership had for me when I came over. What was your go-to game growing up? WoW! (OR Madden before it) @Ryan You tell me im ALWAYS DOWN! @Preacher None... im a city boy @Gewchie Hell nah!
  8. Draxt


    Welcome good sir! While I do not currently play any games on your list I do hope our paths cross! Kindly, Draxt
  9. League of Legends, Pubg, Dungeons and Dragons Kindly, Draxt
  10. Count me in! I grew up playing D&D... -Thanks, Aaron
  11. Welcome good sir! Hope to see you playing some game!
  12. Welcome hope you enjoy your gaming experience!
  13. Im just recently back I will work on getting an updated one or more likely finding an updated one
  14. Welcome, glad to see you. Our Arma III Life server as you may know is shut down. However, we have a great GTA V RP server if you'd like to check it out. It is a LOT more focused on actual RP rather than purely killing. Kindly, Draxt

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