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  1. @Braddok i posted it on our facebook, we'll get it up on twitter as well Great video man!
  2. A Break.

    I do the same thing, multiple times per week, just gotta keep moving forward
  3. GTA RP Server Feedback

    What you did to seek out the "market" is good feedback tryz
  4. I think the video was a great idea, and yes I agree, thank you for stepping up and doing it @Razzy and great selection on @Touri for the narration! Girl Power!
  5. What are you really getting at here? All your doing is taking stabs at someones work that they put into it, I am not following what your trying to get out of your comments/questions. Maybe try to be a bit more open about your issue with the video rather then beating around the bush.
  6. The first video is good, The second one is good, nothing wrong with mixing things up and updating them.
  7. Donation - MiAtCh - 50.0!

    This guy is a machine. Thank you as always Miatch!
  8. Introduction... again! :D

    Welcome and thanks for the introduction, Don't forget to join our discord
  9. Thanks for the support and the work you do for the community
  10. Donation - Ms Tough Stuff - 25.0!

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