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  1. byby aces. immortal.

    Welcome man
  2. David Crenshaw - Reintroducion

    Welcome back man, not a big deal that you left, i mean, you had to try it out, I don't blame you. Anyways we are in the middle of transitioning to discord voice, instead of teamspeak. See you around!
  3. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    how did your 980ti hold up to the 34x
  4. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    Have you tried your 970 yet? I want to know how it works just out of curiousity
  5. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    I have 4 27'' monitors, granted im not in "game mode" of all 4 monitors, but the video card is definitely used
  6. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    @Al HoffI am not buying it on your example. I get 80-90 fps on gta on 1440p 27'', granted I have ddr3600 memory OC to 4200, and 7700k @ 5097mhz, but my 980ti from all the comparison's I've read do not equate to upgrading to the 1080, for example, and although it has nothing to do with this topic, I think its crazy for you to say you had noticeable increases, but your making it sound like its massive increases. Now you make me want to go back to bench-marking and just start making a database of my performances. I honestly feel its a fad to get the latest and greatest video card when half the games out there hardly even abuse video cards, it comes down to resolution and then the rest is cpu/memory. Hoff, have you researched the impact ddr4 memory speeds have on gaming performance, if not look it up, a ton of games leech that memory bandwidth. very good discussion on ram speeds and the effect on new generations (skylake, kaby, coffee) Anyways good discussion, lets continue!
  7. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    I beg to differ, its not worth the serious upgrading at such a large amount of money. It wouldn't hurt to see how his 970 will hold up. we all know the "fad" of how video cards make graphics better, but in reality, a ton of new games need CPU before it gets to GPU in terms of performance. so it really comes down to what games he plays, vs spending 600+ dollars on a top of the line card that really only gives you some clock speed and more GB ram, since the x34 predator is 1440P, he won't need as much video ram. if it was 4K i think you have a serious argument, but he's only doing 1440P I am not arguing that its on the low end, but more so, I would try it out, see how it feels Hoff your just a serious enthusiast!
  8. wanted 1080/1080 Ti Wanted

    are you sure you need to upgrade ... you should wait and see how it handles it. I have 4 monitors and 1 is 1440P, i have a 980ti, and im not even close to using its potential. thats just my 2 cents
  9. Reckless Tactical Realism Group

    Nice , good luck man with your new group!
  10. Happy New Year RGN!

    Happy new year !
  11. Bringing back Altis life?

    @keatonThank you for the mature approach on a sensitive topic. I thought about what you posted, I sometimes feel it would be nice to try again, but the sole issue that personally bothers me is that I know once we did decide to bring altis back, it would die shortly after release due to people getting that 1 or 2 day fix, then waiting around for others to play so they can fill the server. I know many say this would not happen but I've watched other communities that broke off to start altis, shortly dissipate interest in altis life. During my time of being part of the discords, I always seen people waiting for others to get on but never got on themselves Flash back to 2 or 3 years ago, and you naturally got online to play , to actually play and farm. it was a gold mine if it was 1 or 2 people online so you can pull out your tempest device and farm and not worry about losing it. Then as the day progressed the server started populating,. thats when many people would group up and then do the natural altis life thing of finding interactions. I know many will see where I am coming from on the above, and I know some of you will contest it, but its the truth on what will unfold. Many servers do not make the leap to popularity by "waiting on people to join" , even RGN would fail because I just know the interest to consistently play is over, people just are over all that comes with it. Unfortunately, I believe we will need a new game to play as a group in order to get the feeling back that your looking for, hopefully identity if they ever finish it, and if not, maybe a early release game that is based around cops / robbers. Then people ask themselves why not GTA? That is where I am at for the roleplay side of things. I think the community wants that single game to pull people together, but there just isn't a direct game that will pull 75% of the people to. Maybe people should try ARK roleplay? Yes we've tried it before, but maybe its something that would be good to get serious about. Either way man, as sad as it seems, i think altis is dead not because of community choice (although we killed it) but more of people's interest and desire to play it for altis life, and not try playing it to populate a server / bring people together. People are just burnt out on it is my 2 cents. But hey! I am open to idea's
  12. Hello!

    Welcome! don't forget to hit up our discord, !!
  13. Hello everyone

    welcome man!
  14. Donation - RawDawg95 - 25.0!

    Thanks for the support Man!
  15. Donation - Rayden - 20.0!

    Thanks for the support man!