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  1. The Server's State (My Opinion)

    I'll be honest.... I've seen declines before with altis.... lets of times before.... some things though I'd like to note 1. The chapter 2 is suppose to be more of an RP type of approach where you gather and turn in supplies, to rebuild kavala. the additions that you have not seen yet was a web panel showing the leadership board of who is turning in the most items to build back kavala. sure its odd, totally different then what was done before, but its a different approach then the same old Altis life. unfortunately people that join our server are not interested in that type of scenarios. 2. If you want solid role-play, you can get it in altis, but its very difficult, if its a semi-new player, chances are you will have amazing RP, if its a veteran player you will get that half ass RP (sorry guys but a lot of veterans just want to control the RP there way). I find that its a total gamble on the chances you have good experience but I do feel its stronger on our server then some others. 3. RGN use to be fully supported player-base by its members, and I feel as though RGN members have moved onto some other games and meanwhile left behind that playerbase of the server. 4. I've asked @Kelfoto do a newsletter to help with promotion of the server Irregardless, things changes, for the good and the bad, but the bottom line you just have to keep pushing forward.
  2. Add the old Tablet back!!

    Although it looks good, and if implemented I can almost guarantee that there would be complaints regarding how clunky it is, and how much space it takes up. iMO its just another fad.
  3. Will The Monitors Mount?

    Yes 100x100 vesa mount yes 100x100 vesa mount , but wtf? you going to buy this small of a monitor? or do you already own it Key information for future Good link to cross reference models
  4. Reckless Friday - The Return is here!
  5. I'm still here :)

    Welcome thresh!!
  6. Where are the admins?

    Slow your role. You don't even know what the heck your talking about You would of never caught those hackers last night even if you had 40 in game admins. Those attacks were instant and the goal was to disrupt gameplay at Mass scale Stop acting like a child or go somewhere else if you cannot keep your emotion in check
  7. Introduction

    Welcome man!! Glad to have you!
  8. Its been decided by RGN leadership to hand over the reigns of Altis Life to @Draxt & @Paronity Between these 2 individuals and the rule committee I have complete faith in the direction and maintainability of our Altis Life server. The responsibilities of the Game Manager will be as follows : 1. Communication to the community regarding the Altis Life Server 2. Responsibility of creating and maintaining support for the altis server 3. Oversee the Administrators for Altis Life 4. Oversee RPD & EMS white-listing (appointment of leaders) 5. Oversee and appoint rule committee team 6. Oversee Development If you have issues with anything Altis related these 2 individuals will be there to get to a solution. With that, Congratulations on your new job!
  9. Razzy - Introduction

    Welcome Razzy!
  10. Jake - He Returns.

    Welcome back Jake! good to see you back
  11. Altis life Dead

    Vondrex is banned?
  12. *[BKB]* wipes out the RPD

    I've had better
  13. Monitor

    I'll give you a link when I get on tonight
  14. Altis life Dead

    Personally the people in the community have been enjoying other games such as dark and light, ark, rust, rocket league, GTA rp, siege, csgo, and many others. To be honest, the USA stats for Altis servers is definitely declined. People moved on to modded servers or GTA,. That's the sad truth. Regardless this gaming community will still try new games, have a good time, and seek out the next best gaming server.