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  1. kill the fish, windows key it
  2. @Chow worked and updated Trinite, im sure more to come
  3. i lowered it on next update!
  4. added in next update
  5. in on next update!
  6. Every gas station should have an attendant you can buy from... am i wrong?
  7. this is now removed (notification) get back to police work boys!
  8. Let me know after this update @Juggs
  9. At this point only 3 are legal and 1 is illegal, I took the air mission script and re did it for vehicles, I turned off storage in any vehicle, weight is 24, and there are 3 spots on the map airport, port, and pessagne. You get a y-item which is consider a package of goods... then you delivery to where it tells you... I have to look into the truck missions they are way to glitchy
  10. I'll look and tweak some of these
  11. i'll a new one in for you roz!
  12. i removed them and replaced them with something different that you can use in any vehicle
  13. Truck missions are disabled on next push
  14. Going to push this update tomorrow
  15. Changelog V1.0.2 Disabled Truck missions (until its rewrote) Added in delivery mission (similar to old organ mission) locations "airport" "Port" "Pessagne" Enabled Air missions Reduced Helicopter prices to make attainable roughly 600k-800k Fixed Uranium issue with processing being a dealer Fixed Cadet spawns Removed SMG+ from gun store (gunstore pistol only) Added SMG's to gang cartels Tweak location of vest moved weed cartel Added different variants weapons in rebel shop The aircraft carrier is now sinking... save the organs Tweaked cop pricing (vest lvl = more cash) Added in 6.5 mxc for level 2 whitelist @ $7500 Removed KOS from Rebel Changed hunting reserve marker to Blue from red Misc bug fixes Added in more lights for dark area's Tweaked Civ & ems paychecks Removed Y-items from cache, was not intended Lowered weight of oil Removed some skins to reduce mission size (skins hardly used) Updated Trinite HQ for appearance Tweaked Gang weapon prices Added a chopshop in center of map Added Yorris & MRD scopes to gang, rebel, cop Pushing in a couple hours if you have anything please get it to me if its not on the list

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