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    Dark Souls, War Thunder, Cod, Halo, Civ, LoL ext. ext.

    I like all games so odds are if I own it I'm willing to play with you.

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  1. 4/12 cant wait ;D

    1. CesilTheDiddler
    2. Operator


      that isn't till the 24th.

    3. CesilTheDiddler


      March 24th for Japan April 12th for the rest of us

  2. Sup guys and gals, le Knight Echo (@@Echo) brought me in, I mostly play halo, LoL and dark souls but as long as I own the game I'm willing to play basically anything. ​Almost forgot: ​Gamertag: Casul Drake42 ​didn't see a place for it in profile so ye

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