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  1. Another better version of the debate:
  2. completed Trucker Bill - Ban Dispute

    I'm curious as to what lead to this determination? If you can kindly provide proof such as video or screenshots or any reasoning as to why I should remain permanently banned I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. What Server were you banned from?: Altis Life Who banned you?: Erick or Noms Why were you banned?: Item Duping / Breaking Rule #1 When were you banned?: December 31st 2015 What is your in game name?: Trucker Bill User ID: 76561198069462141 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned.: I feel that I've had a sufficient amount of time to reflect on my past actions and deserve a chance to redeem myself. From what I can gather, the main reason I'm banned is for my past offences back on GSN and not RGN itself. At this point, most of those bans/kicks occurred well over a year ago. I've changed significantly since then. If I'm given the opportunity to return and rectify my past mistakes, I know for a fact that I'll be able to handle and control myself from committing such actions again. Lastly, I would like an opportunity to defend myself in this ban dispute rather than being readily dismissed like the last couple of ban disputes. Thank you.
  4. completed Trucker Bill - Ban Dispute

    Just out of curiosity, what is the "research" for this? I'm not trying to disrespect you but in my last ban dispute and this one you have claimed you're conducting "research" but haven't shown any? I still don't and probably will never understand the full reason behind why I'm permanently banned. But, thanks anyways for taking the time to look over my dispute, I really appreciate it.
  5. What Server were you banned from?: Altis Life Who banned you?: Erick or Noms Why were you banned?: Item Duping / Breaking Rule #1 When were you banned?: December 31st 2015 What is your in game name?: Trucker Bill User ID: 76561198069462141 Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned.: It's been a while since I've been banned and I feel I've honestly learned my lesson this time. If I get unbanned this time around, I'll try to approach playing Altis Life in a different way. More focused on role-play instead of killing cops/civs. If something frustrates me or makes me upset, I'll take a step back from Altis for a couple days/weeks and cool-down instead of doing something stupid that will likely get me in trouble. I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize for my actions since GSN and even recently on RGN. I know for a fact that I'm way more mature and capable of handling ArmA 3 Altis Life than how I did previously. Not only that, but I realize that my disrespect and attitude towards the admins/staff in this community was uncalled for and unwarranted. All of you put a significant amount of time and effort into making this community and I respect that. I feel we got off on the wrong foot and I'm really nothing like you think/know about me. Ask anyone whose played with me prior to being banned (MiAtch, Mars, Alex, Casual etc.) They all enjoyed my company and still chat/play with me even though I'm banned. If you got to know me better, you would know I'm not a terrible person that I'm made out to be. As for the duping, the only thing I heard about that was, there were 50 rooks found in my house with no ammo. The only explanation I have for that is I went to down to the gun store near Kavala in a box truck with Alex, used a green VR suit (which holds a lot), and loaded up on some rooks. You can check the transaction logs (possibly) to verify this is true. But, with that aside, I realize this ban is more about me as a person (being a dick) rather than a suspicion of duping. So, I would like to end this dispute, by saying I'm truly sorry for my past behavior and actions, and I realize they weren't acceptable for a mature gaming community like RGN. If I'm given a final return, I can prove I'm mature enough to handle games like ArmA 3 in this community.
  6. completed [Trucker Bill] - Ban Dispute

    Not sure why this was marked as completed without a single reply from the banning admin (@noms). But, I think I've changed a lot since GSN days, and this ban was made out of pure suspicion and precaution rather than fact. Hell, I didn't have a single valid report or kick since I've been on here just an outright ban with no questions asked. I recall @Barddy telling me (one of my conditions to return) if there was a valid report on me, I would be banned. So far I haven't been given any warning (kick, report, verbal warning in ts, etc.) from any staff member here and now I'm banned.
  7. completed [Trucker Bill] - Ban Dispute

    I respect your decision as an admin, but I haven't been given a clean slate ever since I've been unbanned from RGN. If there's nothing decent about me then why do respected players in this community want me to stay? This is the only thing I've done "wrong" since I've been unbanned here. I sincerely apologize for my mistakes back on GSN but I can't change the past. @noms said that if there was nothing suspicious then he would lift the unban. I would also like to talk to you in Teamspeak and maybe we can come to an agreement on this.
  8. What server were you banned from? Altis Life Who banned you? Noms Why were you banned? Item Duping/Breaking Rule #1 When were you banned? December 31st 2015 at 1:11 PM EST What is your in-game name? Trucker Bill Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned below. To start off, I believe this ban is coming from a report I made on Jaqueline. Where someone in one of the videos I posted as evidence asked me "Trucker do you dupe?" and I replied sarcastically back "Yeah, dude". And, then that same person goes on to talk about RGN having logs and "that I shouldn't do it". I stray away from this topic with him as I know for a fact I don't dupe anything. Whether joking about it was right or wrong, it was in a private TS and I wasn't planning to share that recording unless necessary. Angus asked me to give longer footage and so I complied with his request. Understandably, noms didn't take the joke lightly and banned me for safety reasons. I didn't expect what I said to be taken seriously as I've been on this server for a long time now and haven't been involved in any suspicious activity like this. Promptly, I asked noms to take a look into my account on TS (the day of the ban) he said "he would lift the ban if he didn't see anything suspicious". It's been a few days now, I'm not trying to rush his thorough search but I'm curious what the status of this is here? I have nothing to hide and can attest to any suspicions on my account. As for the second rule in this report, I've tried my best to not be a "dick" to anyone. Regardless, there a few select people in this community who don't like me no matter what I do or say to them. It's simple as that. I could be the nicest person in the world to them and they will still treat me like trash simply because they dislike me. I don't know why they dislike me since I haven't spoken to most of them on an individual basis. I presume it's what they hear about me through rumors and drama. I don't bother with that nonsense since it's not worth it to me. Now, I can sit here and theorize all I want about why they dislike me or think I'm a "dick", but that's not the point of this unban. The sole reason I want to continue playing in this community is for the close friends I've made here. They enjoy having me around as company and we have fun playing games together. My intentions aren't to be a "dick", dupe items, or any other malicious act towards the server. In fact, I would rather start off on a clean slate, and not have anyone against me here.
  9. What Server were you banned from? Altis Life Who banned you? Koda Why were you banned? Glitching When were you banned? 10.17.15/3:00 AM EST What is your in-game name? Frankie Williams Please explain why you believe you should be unbanned below. Hey! I was banned back when the server was operated by GSN, I as well as many people I know think I was banned unfairly for "Glitching" When I accidentally took a mag of my friend when trying to get his gun. The admin I was dealing with was unwilling to compromise and down right rude. I hashed most of it out via PM with @Nackers. And he seemed to understand after 4+ hours of conversation but couldn't do anything about the ban decision. As a former GSN member and hopefully new RGN member I would like to be unbanned for a fresh start with this community. I feel what I did was wrong but was unintentional and unfortunately the banning admin (Koda) on GSN didn't see that. I hope this issue is resolved soon so I can get back to what I believe will be a great community!