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  1. My character will be a marksmen skillin killin' rape and pillage a viliage illigitmate us milartary grollias. -Jedi mindtricks. But for real he will be a bad ass killer, that loves playing with the pray
  2. Feeling Censored..............

    Feels bad man.  

    1. Marsendji


      true dat ;c 

    2. Texas


      welcome to real life

      never forget cadechangate2016

  3. Bye dad, Ill just snap you ass picks instead of on the forms
  4. Little Video I put together real quick Subscribe for more content! https://youtu.be/1VNbNH91oF8
  5. hey! Welcome to the forms and enjoy the servers RGN has to offer!
  6. LOL 1349km away from any side of the map
  7. Suh Dude

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    4. JacobJones
  8. Welcome to the forms
  9. New video coming soon! Be ready ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. MolagTheMighty™


      Whats the other video?

  10. Welcome to the forms and I'm sure we will meet. See you arround.
  11. Welcome to the forms I hope you enjoy your stay if you need help getting back into the swig of things send me a message and I can help out!
  12. Alex (TKTL)

    Hi all

    Welcome to the forms ^.^
  13. When I get home I'll submit a video of setha pulling a David and surviving, you should make a spot in the video for just David's pilot skills
  14. Welcome to the forms enjoy your stay!!
  15. Link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv6sLfSJ2gBP79-5mLIc1VQ Sub to me Lemme know what you think
  16. Hello and welcome to the forms I hope to see you around if you need help with anything go ahead and find me in the teamspeak or PM me on the forms and I will do my best to assist you. have a nice day and have some fun!

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